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A day in the life of an OpenText Technical Support Specialist

Wondering what it’s like to be part of the Global Technical Services team at OpenText?

Philippines Technical Support Employee of the Month and Q2 Employee Award winner, Prances Jehan Villenas, offers insight into what a typical day looks like for a Technical Support Specialist in the Philippines:

10:00 am – Rise and shine!

First things first, I check out my e-mails and do a quick 15 minute exercise to jump-start my day. From there, I grab brunch and start getting ready for work.

1:00 pm – Arrive at work and plan for the day

I get in to work right after lunch. My hours match those of my European colleagues and clients, which means my typical work day is from about 1 pm to 10 pm in Manila. Starting late is a nice perk because it means I get to skip the rush hour traffic during my commute. Once in the office, my day starts by catching up on emails and drafting out my to-do list for the day with any deliverables.

2:00 pm – Check reports and follow-up with clients

After clearing my inbox and making my daily plan, I run through reports to check where I can follow up or send any updates to clients. It’s important to me that clients know we are actively handling any concerns and I want to update them on our progress and status regularly.

3:00 pm – Metrics review and special projects management

Another of my responsibilities is to stay on top of our team’s data analytics to further improve our team’s overall operational metrics. I also dedicate this time earlier in my work day to accomplishing any special projects assigned to me, such as process improvements, innovations, employee engagement work, and much more.

5:00 pm – Client meetings

Whenever I have client meetings, it’s normally during this time. 5 pm in Makati City is first thing in the morning for our clients in Europe.

6:00 pm – Dinner

Over dinner, I take the time to catch up with my colleagues and friends. Sometimes we head out to grab dinner at one of the nearby restaurants or we eat together in the OpenText cafeteria. No matter where we are, I always enjoy taking the time to pause and enjoy a little chitchat while we share our food.

7:00 pm – Meeting with co-leads and my senior manager

I spend time working with my senior manager and co- leads each day, thinking about ways we can improve as a team. During this time, we brainstorm, debate, learn from each other, and ultimately make priority-based decisions to benefit our team and clients. I love this group! They are my support system.

8:00 pm – Plan out OpenText Philippines social activities

One of the best parts about being an OpenText employee is that our company balances out work with different fun activities and events year-round.  Through these initiatives we are able to showcase our different talents: singing, dancing, making art, or playing sports. You name the activity, we have it! A few of my favorites are the annual Corporate-Kick Off event, off-site team building, Halloween celebrations, the Year-End Party and Sports Fest. I’ve been actively involved with a number of these initiatives as either a performer or organizer and I’ve enjoyed every part of it.

Here are a few photos from the celebrations I’ve been part of:

An off-site team building event – Luau Party


Bowling – our team won!


Our Year-End Party – I’m one of the Committee Leads

The pictures say it all: OpenText is indeed the best place to work!

9:00 pm – Coaching and touching base with team members

I have a relatively small team and I see to it that I’m able to engage with every team member each day. This gives me the opportunity to see what everyone is working on and to make sure we can address any issues. I’ve found that challenges of all kinds are easier to deal with when you have clear channels of communication with your team.

10:00 pm – Heading Home

My husband picks me up from work every day. While travelling home, we spend our time having a late snack and catching up on each other’s day!

As you can see, OpenText is a busy and exciting place to be. While I have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill at work, I always look forward to the next day as I enjoy every moment of it. OpenText is my second home and my colleagues are my family away from home.

Find out more about working at OpenText and view current opportunities by visiting our Careers Page.


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