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Cut cloud waste and control cloud spending with OpenText FinOps

Introducing HCMX FinOps Express

Foster a culture of financial responsibility, improve decision-making with intelligent insights, and deliver the centralized control you need to tame your cloud bill.

OpenText Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) FinOps Express is a cloud financial management solution that helps organizations cut cloud waste and control cloud spending. With about $500 billion being spent on cloud infrastructure currently, this new SaaS release is designed for financial management of cloud investments to reduce surprise bills and optimize cloud spend.

A laptop with a screenshot of OpenText HCMX FinOps Express displaying overview of cloud insights with donut, and line graphs, potential yearly savings, and recommendations

Realize potential savings

Among many reasons that organizations move workloads to the cloud is to reduce data center costs, but many organizations do not realize the full potential of savings due to inefficient management of cloud operations. HCMX FinOps Express provides organizations the ability to optimize and operate their cloud in an agile and controlled manner, while involving all the necessary stakeholders.

HCMX FinOps Express helps organizations:

  • View spend across clouds: Gain a complete, unified view of your cloud spend across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, including show-back, mapping cloud spend to projects, business units, and cost centers.
  • Identify inefficiencies: Spot idle, oversized, or over-provisioned resources with reports that help identify spending spikes and inefficiencies.
  • Drive accountability against budgets: Take advantage of the built-in module for budgeting that provides an additional layer of financial responsibility across engineering and other teams.
  • Save with AI-assisted recommendations: Get AI-powered recommendations for cost-effective cloud plans and empower engineers to take action directly from the platform.
  • Implement self-service guardrails: Proactively prevent costly surprises by consolidating offerings from major cloud vendors into a single catalog and excluding costly or non-compliant options while implementing spending limits.

HCMX FinOps Express is a standalone module that focuses exclusively on the cloud financial management capabilities of the broader HCMX platform for hybrid cloud management. HCMX also offers multi-cloud design and provisioning, policy-based compliance, and lifecycle hybrid cloud service orchestration capabilities.

As cloud migrations and digital transformation continue to drive strategic business change, HCMX FinOps Express is one of the ways OpenText helps customers support cost-effective migrations, optimize cloud spend and ultimately maximize the return on investment (ROI) of the cloud.

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Travis Greene

Travis is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for OpenText IT Operations Management solutions. He began his career as a US Naval Officer but switched to running data centers and managing IT operations in 2000, gaining Expert certification in ITIL. He joined OpenText in 2005, and has been published in Security Week Magazine, InfoWorld and Forbes, while speaking at Interop, RSA, itSMF and Gartner events among dozens of others.

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