Top 7 CMS software benefits for digital marketing in 2018

Digital marketing is proven to be the most effective channel for today’s marketers – and it can deliver far more bang for your buck. This…

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March 2, 20186 minutes read

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Digital marketing is proven to be the most effective channel for today’s marketers – and it can deliver far more bang for your buck. This is excellent news for large organizations but also a potential headache. With so many websites, digital formats and social media channels, how do you maximize your content to deliver the highly targeted and personalized communication that your customers demand?

It begins with the correct choice of enterprise Content Management System (CMS). This blog examines the benefits that the best CMS software can deliver to your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s start with a fun paradox. Both B2B and B2C customers increasingly say that they want marketers to help them make smart decisions. Yet, research from DemandGen revealed that nine out of ten buyers say that, when they’re ready, they’ll find you.

Today’s digital savvy consumer doesn’t want – and won’t accept – the hard sell. They want regular and helpful communication that is tailored to both their individual preferences and their current stage on their own buyer’s journey. The modern Content Management System has become the foundation for this omnichannel and bi-directional communication.

Get it right and the results are extremely impressive. One marketing campaign found that the return from digital marketing was higher than for TV advertising – even though they spent almost 15 times more on TV than digital. Digital marketing gives you the chance to personalize your content and distribute it across channels at scale. The best CMS software delivers the tools and processes to facilitate true omnichannel customer experience.

Benefits of CMS solutions for digital marketing

In the past, managing and delivering the huge amount of content needed to reach customers has between a disjointed and expensive affair. The first generation of CMS solutions delivered static websites that offered little to no integration with other marketing channels or activities.

Today, the best content management systems offer two huge advantages over earlier CMS tools. Firstly, the CMS platform is designed to deliver a single repository to manage and customize content to provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

Secondly, it enables highly personalized and targeted content to drive that customer – and employee – experience.  An enterprise Content Management System – with Web Content Management (WCM) technology at its core – delivers systems, processes and strategies to gather, manage, store, distribute and analyze content from a broad range of sources. This includes content creation, management and distribution as well as integration with other content sources such as social media.

Choosing the right CMS software delivers many benefits for digital marketers:

  1. Ease of use
    The best CMS tools make it easy for staff – not just within the marketing department – to create and manage content. An intuitive interface for the online CMS portal means everyone who needs to can get to grips with the CMS with a minimum of training, so they can get on with the business of communicating at speed. The CMS software makes it fast and simple to publish new content across channels as well as edit and update content as required. By increasing usablility, modern CMS platforms overcome backlog is making changes to your digital properties.
  2. Personalized online services
    Delivering a personalized service through an enterprise CMS solution requires more than optimizing your websites for mobile. It means your visitors get an engaging experience each time they connect with you, with the right content delivered to them on the right device. Using advanced metadata capabilities, CMS software can allow you to (as much as possible) automatically classify, categorize and tag your content. In this way, content can be easily identified and modified to meet the needs of different individuals and audiences.
  3. Omnichannel delivery
    The enterprise CMS software gives marketers the ability to create dynamic, adaptive and content-centric experiences across every possible point of customer interaction. The content within the CMS can be created once for one channel and automatically customized for others.  The best content management system enables a ‘mobile first’ approach to content development and delivery while ensuring a smooth and consistent omnichannel experience. This is important as, last year, mobile and tablet browsing took over from desktop browsing for the first time. The enterprise CMS platform must make your marketing responsive to every mobile device design without imposing the need to create content for specific channels.
  4. Enhanced efficiency
    With staff across various departments doing their own updates, retaining consistency could be an issue. But the extensive and built-in approval procedures in the best CMS tools makes sure that the correct permissions are followed for each document and website change. The central repository makes it easy to cross check with existing content and bespoke access privileges can be set to ensure only the right people get access to sensitive information.
  5. Marketing application integration
    There is never going to be a situation where a single solution will provide a complete answer for all your marketing requirements. Whereas a powerful enterprise CMS solution can provide a foundation for your omnichannel digital communication, it needs to be able to integrate seamlessly into complementary marketing and enterprise applications. The best CMS systems offer broad connections with marketing automation, graphic design and project management package as well as ERP and CRM systems.
  6. Boost collaboration and innovation
    The best CMS software can help marketing departments to build a foundation where all partners – internal line-of-business and external agencies and suppliers – can securely access and collaborate on content. Marketing professionals have powerful CMS tools to share updates, reference archived material and repurpose existing content where it’s needed. The most advanced Content Management System web platforms feature automatic tools that can push content into social channels and other partner portals.
  7. One system, one support process
    The enterprise web CMS provides a single repository that can handle all content types that all marketing websites and online digital channels require. Web pages, blogs, news feeds, video players, photo galleries, calendars and more can all be consolidated from a single source without the need for third-party vendors or additional plug-in tools. Using the CMS system, Website administrators can self-manage all content types using one system with a single contact for support services. 

Why choose OpenText for your CMS solution?

OpenText is a world leader in enterprise CMS solutions and WCM with a suite of solutions delivering and managing systems trusted by digital marketers around the world to manage their content requirements. Among its solutions is TeamSite, a specialized WCM (Web Content Management System) that focuses primarily on the capture, management, storage and delivery of web-based content.

Talking about TeamSite, one Global Web Strategy & Creative Director in Financial Services stated on Gartner peer insights : ”The enterprise CMS platform has enabled us to stand up web channels much faster than we’ve done in the past. Management and updating our web platforms has been markedly easier with TeamSite and business users are more empowered to update their individual web channels with the CMS”.

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