Announcing OpenText Legal Tech CE 21.2

Making efficiency a competitive advantage

Efficiency is not just a buzz word. Early access and insight into data, whether it be litigation, investigations, ECA or even securing a new client, is key to gaining a strategic and competitive advantage in an increasingly fast-paced world of data. The OpenText™ Legal Tech suite of products is committed to continuous improvement of workflow efficiencies to ensure that knowledge management and legal teams can realize a competitive advantage through streamlined organization, storage, identification, analysis, review and production of business-critical data.

Automate document classification with OpenText eDOCS InfoCenter  

Automated organization and structure of data at the earliest stages reaps massive dividends later on. In OpenText™ eDOCS CE 21.2, OpenText™ InfoCenter enables auto-classification of large volumes of documents – saving upfront time and ensuring easier access to critical documentation as required. The new enhancements to the activity tracker tile in InfoCenter delivers at-a-glance project management for knowledge workers and their teams to maximize workflow efficiency and accountability. 

With eDOCS CE 21.2, save time profiling documents with new AI functionality while ensuring classification accuracy.

OpenText™ Decisiv™ creates efficiencies and enhanced ease of use with features such as expanded enterprise access for mobile users, single sign-on (SSO) secure authentication, and Microsoft Exchange Server email integration, the latter which eliminates time-consuming manual email address input when sharing documents.  New visualization enhancements in Decisiv deliver strategic insights at-a-glance for rapid understanding of relationships among authors, documents, and matters.

OpenText Decisiv new visualization enhancements help users leverage strategic insights at-a-glance

Get to the facts faster with OpenText Axcelerate

When legal teams need access to the key data for early case assessment, investigations and eDiscovery review, they can’t afford delays caused by cumbersome tools, processes, and workflows. Driving down the cost of investigations and eDiscovery requires a holistic approach to maximizing efficiency across all stages of a project. With CE 21.2, Axcelerate continues to streamline workflows at every stage.  From automation that gets legal teams into the data faster, to splitting chat data into blocks of time for easier review and data sorting to speed review, Axcelerate maximizes efficiency from start to finish to help alleviate budget and resource pressure.

OpenText Axcelerate chat viewer allows teams to review chat data faster with greater precision

Legal Tech CE 21.2 is targeted to reduce spend, improve productivity, and speed access to relevant information. Whether key information is required to help teams make better day-to-day business and legal decisions, to address internal or regulatory investigation needs, or to control the ballooning costs of eDiscovery, OpenText continues to bring its customers solutions that turbo boost efficiency and the competitive advantage.

To learn more about improving efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage with OpenText information management and eDiscovery solutions contact us to speak with a member of the Legal Tech team.

Facing a particularly difficult eDiscovery hurdle or an unexpected time crunch?  For additional end-to-end eDiscovery support and expertise explore the full range of OpenText eDiscovery Services – from ESI Collections to Managed Document Review.

Wendy Cole

Wendy is a long-time legal technology and eDiscovery enthusiast. Having participated in many facets of the legal and legal technology industries, her broad range of experience spans from being on the front-line of eDiscovery projects as a civil litigator and eDiscovery counsel, to managing and marketing legal technology software and services for global organizations.

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