Announcing OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 for Legal Tech

Innovations drive legal team efficiency and speed

Today, the traditional modes of business communication have literally shut down. Yet litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance haven’t let up. At OpenText™, we understand that legal teams – even working remotely – need legal and business continuity. They require always-on and secure access eDiscovery and legal technology systems to maintain efficiency and productivity while keeping shrinking budgets in check. Designed for a remote workforce and supported by Professional Services, OpenText™ Legal Tech Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 introduces innovations that bring even more efficiency-enhancing tools for a remote and changing environment.

“Find more like me” documents on-the-fly with OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Predictive Search 

A new Predictive Search tool provides a “find more like me” capability to easily home in on relevant content. Documents that are known in advance to be highly relevant, or the best exemplars uncovered in initial search results, are compared against the entire corpus to quickly surface documents with similar content. Predictive Search can also be used as a QC tool to quickly assess whether the final discovery set is inclusive of all relevant content.

Axcelerate’s Predictive Search compares an exemplar document against the corpus.

Additional OpenText™ Magellanintegration speeds review in OpenText™ Axcelerate™

In any eDiscovery document review, finding organizations within relevant documents is an onerous task and requires extensive foreknowledge of all entities involved, especially when the unknown is unknown. In Axcelerate Release EP7, we introduced sentiment analysis and automated entity identification for people and places powered by Magellan. Axcelerate Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 introduces additional capabilities, including:

  • Automated entity identification and extraction for organizations, which simplifies search efforts by highlighting all forms of entities with no previous knowledge required
  • Automated document summaries that eliminate the need for users to open up individual files and review them in their entirety to figure out what they are about.
Axcelerate’s new document summary showing an example of a concise description of a lengthy document.

Streamline search in SharePoint using OpenText™ Decisiv

Decisiv Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 accelerates worker productivity by eliminating repetitive and complex enterprise search-related tasks and improving knowledge management. With additional Content Delivery for SharePoint (CDS) and Web Parts functionality, users can streamline search in SharePoint by remaining in their desired working environment for the entire search cycle.

Decisiv users now save more time and streamline repetitive SharePoint search tasks.

EnCase eDiscovery new capture recognition engine increases throughput, processing speed and  file format support

The new EnCase eDiscovery OCR engine has been upgraded to the OpenText Capture Recognition Engine. In addition to increased throughput and processing speeds, the OpenText Capture Recognition Engine expands support for common formats including single or multi-page TIFF and PCX files.

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Rachel Teisch

Rachel Teisch is Senior Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. She brings nearly two decades of experience in eDiscovery, and is responsible for product marketing for the OpenText Discovery suite of products. She most recently served as Vice President, Marketing, at Catalyst Repository Systems, which was acquired by OpenText in January 2019 and is now part of the OpenText Discovery portfolio.

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