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Adapt, pivot and persevere: Life Sciences in 2021

Even with 2020 in the rearview mirror, the impact of last year will linger for some time. Clinical trials moved to virtual models, supply chain disruptions reached historic levels and telehealth became routine — all nearly overnight. As a result, Life Sciences organizations start 2021 with new perspectives and new priorities, viewed through a lens forever filtered by COVID-19.

When organizations are knocked off baseline operations, it’s all about the comeback: What adjustments and shifts in strategy will result in a stronger, more resilient return? While the steadfast commitment to delivering life-saving therapies remains unchanged, organizations need to build predictability and control into day-to-day operations to better prepare for bumps in the road, which are inevitable — COVID-19 or not.

Fragmented workforces, processes and content abound

The sudden shift to remote and virtual operations left some organizations scrambling to support critical steps in the drug lifecycle. Employees needed to securely access and share content — from anywhere — to maintain productivity and innovation.

To expedite clinical trials, improve the quality of regulatory submissions and ensure compliance during manufacturing processes, content must be well managed and controlled. Those with a single authoritative source for managing regulated content across the extended Life Sciences organization likely fared well last year, swiftly pivoting to adapt to the new realities of a remote workforce.

Being able to effectively collaborate and seamlessly share documentation, from discovery and regulatory approval to commercial production, provides an essential path to maximize efficiency during even the most turbulent of times. Now, forward-thinking organizations are taking important steps to further resilience and drive performance — elevating enterprise content management (ECM) to new heights. The goal is to thrive, not just survive in 2021.

Harness the information advantage

An integrated content management system gives organizations global control of content, delivering tremendous operational efficiencies that lead to faster cycles and time to market. To elevate those efficiencies and gain an even greater business edge, organizations are bringing ECM capabilities to the cloud.

Shifting content management to the cloud allows organizations to maximize business agility — working smarter, faster and more nimbly to successfully adapt, pivot and persevere.

  • Move faster: Rely on one repository to share and reuse content, gaining a single source of truth to support collaboration for research, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing processes, with confidence in governance and GXP compliance.
  • Work smarter: Lean on a fully managed cloud solution to offload the IT management burden, focusing resources on other key business objectives and benefiting from more predictable operating costs.
  • Be nimble: Gain the flexibility to quickly adopt new technologies while maintaining information flows and content access across existing on-premises and cloud systems.

OpenText Content Cloud™ for Life Sciences uses a cloud-based architecture to expand the proven benefits and value of OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences. This allows organizations to build resiliency by sharing, storing and accessing information assets from anywhere.

Read on to learn more about how OpenText Life Sciences solutions can help your organization.  

Robin Gellerman

Robin Gellerman is the Product Marketing Manager for Life Sciences Enterprise Content Management solutions at OpenText. With over 20 years in the enterprise content management industry, Robin has held a variety of product and industry marketing positions supporting document management, capture and customer communications technologies at OpenText, the Enterprise Content Division of EMC, Captiva and Document Sciences. Most recently, Robin was the Industry Strategist for retail, and has previously worked with energy & engineering and healthcare solutions.

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