Achieving seamless eDiscovery

Business and litigation go hand in hand in the 21st century. From litigation support personnel to the lawyers themselves, organizations face a common challengehow to streamline processes and procedures to simplify and thoroughly respond to on-going litigation requests. 

This raises many questions: 

  • How do we streamline processes and procedures cost-effectively? 
  • How do we ensure that eDiscovery practitioners and data collection specialists have the tools needed to support the wide scope of collection requirements? 
  • How do we streamline the process of moving data from a preserved or collected state to a review platform in a timely or automated manner?
  • How do we control where our data resides to lessen the risk associated with data transfers between vendors or offcorporate servers?
  • How do we do all of this while reducing manual intervention for eDiscovery products (legal hold tools, data collection tools, review platforms, etc.)?  

The answer to these questions and more is simple – by integrating eDiscovery technologies. 

Consider the eDiscovery Reference model, also known as EDRMwhich requires multiple steps to complete the lifecycle. Then think about how integration and automation can simplify the lifecycle. Without devaluing any of the EDRM steps, reducing the need for manual intervention saves time, increases accuracy, and ultimately standardizes the eDiscovery process by automating the sending of data from a collected state right into a hosted review platform.  

The figure below provides a high-level depiction of how OpenText Seamless eDiscovery does this from a workflow perspective.

OpenText Seamless eDiscovery  

For OpenText customers, Seamless eDiscovery means moving collection data from OpenText EnCase Information Assurance (formerly EnCase eDiscovery) to OpenText Axcelerate in an automated way without manual intervention. 

With our focus on streamlining technology, OpenText aims to ensure that customers have a clear path to simplifying their eDiscovery processusing automation, from collection through to review.  

When it comes to eDiscovery, time, efficiency, controlled processes, and accuracy all matterOrganizations can add hours back to the calendar when they reduce manual intervention by standardizing processes and proceduresThey also reduce risk when producing data for litigationAs the leader in Enterprise Information Management, OpenText is ideally equipped to solve the business challenge of eDiscovery efficiency. And we’re excited to help organizations gain the benefits of a seamless approach to eDiscovery 

Learn more and contact us today to speak to a Professional Services expert who can help you find solutions to your eDiscovery challenges. 

Author: Ryan J Caruso, Manager Professional Services Consulting


Professional Services - Security & Protection

The OpenText Professional Services team consists of Encase, Risk & Compliance, Digital Forensic & Incident Response and Managed Security Services experts. They help organizations by advising, guiding and assisting them to maintain a cybersecurity posture together with responding to any cyberthreats to their business.

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