Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Cloud

The global pandemic has brought about several challenges for organizations – the need to collaborate remotely and at scale, and a requirement to maintain productivity while ensuring their information and endpoints are secure being two key issues. To meet these challenges, many organizations are looking to accelerate their digital transformation projects and move quickly and securely to the cloud.

As part of our Accelerate Digital Transformation with Cloud series, we recently hosted several OpenText Live sessions to discuss industry challenges and the impact of the 2020 pandemic on Cloud trends.

Check out the recordings below.

Cloud-Based Business Networks

Savinay Berry (OpenText SVP Cloud Services Delivery) and Mark Morley (Director, Product Marketing, OpenText) on the benefits of a cloud-based business network.

In today’s disruptive world, companies need to rethink their supply chain operations and build more adaptive business environments that provide greater flexibility in how they connect with their digital ecosystems. The OpenText Business Network Cloud not only allows organizations to digitize the external supply chain, but it also allows companies to extend their integration platform into the internal enterprise through the use of an extensive library of API connectors.

As business networks evolve in the future, technologies like IoT, AI and even blockchain will become increasingly important. When used collectively, these technologies can enable the Autonomous Supply Chain, allowing companies to make more informed business decisions and optimize associated business and supply chain processes.

Check out the full interview between Savinay and Mark here:

Content Services in the Cloud

Savinay Berry (SVP Cloud Services Delivery) and Nicholas King (Director, Product Management, OpenText) on how and why to make the transition to cloud.

As one of the largest cloud providers in the world today with 75,000 cloud customers, and global partnerships with Amazon, Google and Microsoft, OpenText can ensure customers have access to whichever information management cloud infrastructure is right for their business. Our focus allows customers to extract important information from content repositories and feed that into the right business applications, driving  the organisations processes and operations, whilst maintaining a secure and compliant system of record.

By leveraging the cloud, organizations can also bring information into the systems of engagement, increasing the ability to collaborate on content with employees and partners; as well as extending that information to ensure your customers enjoy a closer, deeper and more valuable relationship with your organization.

Check out the full interview between Savinay and Nicholas here:


OpenText, The Information Company, enables organizations to gain insight through market-leading information management solutions, powered by OpenText Cloud Editions.

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