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Companies around the world have faced immense disruption throughout 2020, with Deloitte highlighting that the COVID-19 pandemic will be a ‘black swan’ event, a once…

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October 26, 20204 minute read

Companies around the world have faced immense disruption throughout 2020, with Deloitte highlighting that the COVID-19 pandemic will be a ‘black swan’ event, a once in a lifetime event that will force supply chains to be restructured and accelerate the adoption of cloud-based technologies.

Companies need to be better prepared for when the next disruption will impact their business ecosystem and it is not a case of if this happens, but when. They must be empowered to connect any business, person, system or thing to a cloud based, unified integration platform; and build adaptive, ethical, sustainable and compliant trading networks. Adopting such a cloud strategy will help companies around the world build a digital foundation to support business growth and underpin future digital transformation strategies.

This requires companies to establish a more flexible or adaptive supply chain, allowing them to manufacture or source goods from anywhere around the world. Companies can leverage the following characteristics from a cloud-based integration platform to build increased resilience to future disruptions.

OpenText™ already operates the world’s largest Business Network with 65,000 customers, 1.2 million pre-connected trading partners, and 26 billion electronic transactions being exchanged across our network each year. In addition, 21 of Gartner’s top 25 supply chains are connected to our network, we manage over 30 million digital identities and $9 trillion in commerce is processed across our network each year.

The OpenText™ Business Network Cloud builds on these impressive numbers and provides organizations with a range of new capabilities including business and supply chain integration, support for hybrid integration strategies, embracing consumer demand for ethical products, and supporting the digitization of very small supply chain participants.

Enhancements to Business Network Cloud Solutions

Improved ethical sourcing and surveying capabilities for Global Partner Directory

  • Improved Dun & Bradstreet data matching, allowing trading partner data to be augmented with additional information from the D&B database (CE 20.4)
  • Ethical and Sustainability Governance surveys to query potential trading partners and ensure they are using ethical best practices when sourcing raw materials (CE 20.4)
  • Improved integration to Ecovadis to help deploy surveys related to conflict minerals reporting for example (CE 20.3)

Expanded suite of API Connectors to accelerate deployment of hybrid integration platforms

  • OpenText™ Trading Grid™ already offers a suite of 60 API connectors, this new release expands this API library by 40 new API connectors (CE 20.4)
  • Introduction of a Forensic Auditor to improve billing quality and audibility (CE 20.4)
  • Introduction of new real-time modifications to cross reference tables within our new collaborative Mapping Portal. Reducing the normal update time by two days (CE 20.3)

‘Ecosystem Control Towers’ through increased levels of data visibility across Trading Grid Lens

  • Being able to identify and redeliver transactions via self-service to avoid logging support tickets (CE 20.4)
  • Introduction of customized naming for ERP mapping (CE 20.4)
  • Enhanced data visualizations which improves the overall usability while allowing customizable layouts to be added (CE 20.3)

Expanded regional compliance support for Active Invoices with Compliance

  • New support for India eBiller Clearance compliance mandate (CE 20.3) and additional enhancements to support the VAT clearance model (CE 20.4)

OpenText IoT Shipment Tracking Reference and Ecosystem viewing to deliver actionable insights into business operations

  • IoT Shipment Tracking Reference app aggregates IoT device data and B2B shipment data from Active Orders to provide enhanced shipment visibility across the supply chain (CE 20.4)
  • IoT Ecosystem Viewer app visualizes complex digital twins and associated relationships across business ecosystems (CE 20.4)
  • The OpenText IoT Developer Trial allows citizen developers to test the capabilities of the OpenText IoT Platform within a constrained environment via the Developer Sandbox. Using this Developer Trial, customers can build, test and examine IoT solutions faster, proving the value of their use cases.

Expanded capabilities in OpenText™ Freeway Cloud to accelerate the digitization of SMB trading partner communities

  • Ongoing development of new trading partner connections to major retailers (CE 20.4 & CE 20.3)
  • In-platform supplier notification when new partner connections become available (CE 20.4)
  • Self-service trading partner activation enables customers to self-connect to new partners (CE 20.4)
  • Expanded support for mid-market ERP vendors (CE 20.3)
  • Support for PEPPOL for Australia and Singapore (CE 20.4)

What makes the Business Network Cloud different?

  • The connection of people, systems and things to a single, unified integration platform allows the frictionless exchange of digital business information
  • Leveraging powerful visibility tools helps companies obtain true end to end visibility of information flows across both the internal and external digital ecosystems
  • Provides the digital backbone that companies need today to accelerate their deployment of digital transformation initiatives

Learn more

For more information on the OpenText Business Network Cloud, visit our website.

Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Let our experts work with you to assess the current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other company’s clouds or in a hybrid environment.

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