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A new way to work: How to enable effective remote collaboration amid the coronavirus outbreak

As coronavirus cases increase around the world, businesses are struggling to support the productivity of a growing employee base who are required to work from home in an effort to contain the outbreak.

How do companies that have traditionally been rooted in offices accelerate this sudden shift to a remote workforce?

Here at OpenText™, we are a diverse company that operates in over 40 countries through a combination of global sites and remote workers. The key to business continuity for us during these volatile times has been to enable and encourage flexibility by reinforcing the importance of using digital collaboration tools.

What does your organization need in its digital collaboration tool kit?

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a surge in demand for cloud-based communications tools like Zoom, Slack, and WeChat1 as companies seek to reduce business travel and quickly ramp up their ability to support virtual internal and client meetings, keeping dispersed teams connected regardless of their location.

However, digital communication is only half of the equation. Organizations must also consider how to address their content management needs with an increasing number of staff beyond the corporate fire wall. This is a trend we’ve long recognized, as we’ve heard many of our customers struggle to securely extend collaboration on their corporate content to their external network of suppliers, partners, contractors and remote employees.

Enter OpenText™ Core Share, a simple, intuitive and easily deployed SaaS application for organizations seeking a new way to work. Core Share offers users the flexibility to collaborate with anyone and work the way they want, while satisfying the security and compliance requirements of the most stringent IT departments. Employees will no longer feel the need to circumvent corporate platforms in favor of consumer tools, as they can now leverage Core Share’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 to co-author documents in the cloud. Our new Core Signature add on also accelerates document workflow with integrated digital signature and approval capabilities. And, with a seamless integration into OpenText ECM solutions such as OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ Documentum™ and OpenText™ eDOCS, Core Share extends robust content collaboration and management capabilities outside the firewall to remote colleagues, external partners and other third parties.

If your organization has been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak or another crisis, OpenText can help you build a technology-driven strategy to support business continuity that is backed by our digital collaboration solutions and expertise.

To learn more about Core Share, sign up for our free, 3-month trial today.


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