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What’s next! And what was showcased for CX at Google Cloud Next

Four ways to supercharge customer experiences with data and intelligence

The excitement of the in-person Google Cloud Next event might be winding down, but the buzz around AI, personalization and customer experience is just getting started. Unpack the announcements and what was showcased for OpenTextTM Experience Cloud with these four game-changers ahead for marketing:

1. Intelligent and data-driven experiences

What if you could tap into data, intelligence, and AI to deliver highly personalized and better-performing experiences? Here’s what that looks like with OpenText Experience Cloud and Google Cloud:

  • AI for generative and predictive experiences: OpenText announced, demo’ed and presented on OpenText Experience Aviator at GoogleNext. OpenText Experience Cloud integrates with Google Vertex, bringing capabilities including GenAI, ImageAI and predictiveAI to name a few. Generative AI capabilities can speed time to market for communications, ensure compliance and improve existing content for greater simplicity, understanding and empathy with customers.
A screenshot of OpenText Experience Aviator is shown, part of what was demoed at Google Cloud Next.
  • Personalized and orchestrated journeys: Think of the last time you had a truly outstanding customer experience. What made it so memorable? It likely was purpose-built just for you – and unfolded seamlessly as if the provider knew exactly what you needed before you even had to ask. The best experiences are deeply personalized. OpenText Experience CDP and Core Experience Insights integrate actions and analyze experiences with Google Data (Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 4), allowing marketers to create personalized customer journeys, next best offer and a variety of other experiences utilizing powerful big data solutions.
  • Powerful analytics: Audience, behavior and content analytics provide insights into better-performing experiences. GA4 and BigQuery integrate with a broad range of Google Marketing Platform capabilities, including SEO, Ads and many more.

2. High-octane operations

Gain scale, performance, and ease of operations with the unified OpenText Experience Cloud running on Google Cloud:

  • Faster time to market: New instances can be deployed or retired. Managed Services keeps you current with the latest version.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Cloud computing gives your business more flexibility. Quickly scale resources and storage up to meet business demands without having to invest in physical infrastructure.
  • Advanced security: Cloud computing can strengthen your security posture with the depth and breadth of security features, automatic maintenance, and centralized management.
  • Data loss prevention: Gain backup and disaster recovery features. Storing data in the cloud rather than locally can help prevent data loss in the event of an emergency, like a hardware malfunction, malicious threat or even simple user error.

3. Developer-friendly and business user composability

It’s easy to extend and develop experiences with OpenText APIs (content source frameworks) and out-of-the-box connectors. Component-based composability makes it easier to develop, manage and deploy experiences. OpenText Experience Cloud brings together developers and business users by integrating developer tools with low-code dynamic experiences in a hybrid, headless creation and deployment environment.

OpenText and Google Cloud image shows the connection between process, experiences, content, data and intelligence.

4. Better together: innovate with trusted partners

Modernize and evolve your customer experience initiatives with confidence. Google and OpenText have a long and successful history of joint customer offerings and solutions: 

  • Co-innovation: joint development initiatives and investments for OpenText integrations with Google Cloud:  BigQuery, GA4 and a new Vertex AI integration, as well as a new integration with Google Workspace 
  • Preferred Hyperscaler: OpenText’s Experience Cloud runs on Google Cloud.  The default SaaS offering for the Experience Cloud is the Google Cloud. 
  • Joint solution offering in Google Marketplace:  OpenText Experience Cloud solutions are available in the Google Marketplace. Customers can use their Google credits and for the Google sales team (Google Sellers can get quote recognition). 
  • Commitment to customer success:  OpenText has a deep bench of skills, services and support programs managed by over 24,000 information management professionals, over 1,000 customer service experts and 24×7 global support. OpenText has also created and certified on Google Cloud Kubernetes reference architectures.  

Learn more about how OpenText is embracing AI and working with Google to drive breakthrough customer experiences.

Greg Dierickse

Greg Dierickse has been helping customers improve their digital experiences for over 20 years, including roles as product and marketing manager at Dell EMC, HP, and Oracle. Greg uses his first-hand experience running web and digital marketing teams to better understand the diverse requirements for customers, partners and employees. Previously, Greg has worked in Canada, United States, Singapore and Shanghai, and applies a global mind-set to unique customer journeys.

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