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What’s new in OpenText Documentum EP6

Documentum Release 16 EP6 delivers significant improvements to user experience and cloud deployment

Since OpenText™ acquired Documentum in 2017, OpenText has focused on delivering value for our customers across a number of different directions. With users increasingly demanding the ability to use their own tools and devices, user experience has become a critical success factor to ensure user adoption and ultimately, the success of your content services solutions. And as businesses drive transformation with cloud technologies, simplified deployment to the cloud is no longer a luxury.

With the release of Release 16 EP6, OpenText delivers significant new features that address these important necessities. With expanded capabilities for both OpenText™ Documentum D2 and OpenText™ Content Connect, customers can take advantage of new, modern user experiences. By providing new tools for deploying and maintaining Documentum cloud implementations, OpenText eliminates barriers from the journey to the cloud.

Documentum D2 Smart View user experience

Documentum D2
Documentum D2 Smart View user interface

With the EP6 release, Documentum D2 gets a new, modern user experience for most scenarios. Although the Smart View user experience was introduced in EP5, OpenText has extended the use cases supported by Smart View, expanding the opportunity for customers to deploy new or existing D2-based solutions using Smart View. By supporting content creation and submission, Documentum D2 Smart View will now support a wide range of customer solutions.


Documentum D2 templates
Documentum D2 templates

Documentum D2 users continue to enjoy the simple configuration and fast deployment while gaining the benefits of the modern, highly configurable Smart View experience.

In addition, just as you can switch between different work spaces or solutions in Documentum D2, Documentum D2 EP6 makes it just as simple to switch between “classic” D2 UI-based and Smart View-based solutions. In addition, the Smart View user experience enables content contribution and search features that support the ability to create new documents from approved templates or contributing content in a structured manner.

Content Connect

Content Connect
Content Connect in Microsoft Office 365

OpenText Content Connect enables users of Microsoft Office 365 – both online and on the desktop – to quickly access and edit Documentum-based Office documents without leaving the familiar Office environment. With Content Connect EP6, OpenText has added support for Documentum D2 configurations, making Content Connect its perfect companion. Office users, working in a D2-based solution, can now work with Office documents without having to switch between the Office application and Documentum D2.

Content Connect EP6 enables users to work within both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word, both online and desktop applications. Within the Microsoft Office 365 applications, users may search, edit, and save new documents into Documentum. Content Connect also surfaces many advanced search capabilities, including type-ahead suggestions, as well as results that include synonyms, homonyms, and key words.

Documentum xCP reporting

Customers derive value from Documentum xCP in a number of ways: by creating advanced case management solutions that integrate people, business processes, and information; by leveraging composition capabilities that enable the rapid design of solutions that combine several different data sources; and by automating processes to improve user productivity and reduce cycle times for critical business processes.

Documentum xCP reporting
New Documentum xCP reporting

Key to driving improvements in productivity is the ability to access real-time visual charts and dashboard to detect patterns in information, search within your solution, and gain new business insights. Documentum xCP EP6 builds on the built-in reporting available within Documentum xCP by adding support for both OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting and Documentum Reports. With these new integrations, Documentum xCP users and administrators can gain new insights, including live dashboard views based on roles and embedded charts and graphs that are updated in real-time.

Documentum and cloud deployment

Since being acquired by OpenText, Documentum has been making steady improvements to support customers that are migrating Documentum implementations to the cloud, and OpenText continues to deliver these improvements to the Documentum Server. The Documentum Server now comes with new Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration that dramatically simplifies and automates your deployment to cloud infrastructures, ensuring that you are able to deliver rapid, consistent cloud deployments.

Documentum in the cloud
Documentum in the cloud

In addition, by adding support for container-level patching, configurations are maintained, further simplifying the deployment and maintenance of updates. And OpenText continues to expand support for public cloud infrastructures, enabling you to deploy your Documentum-based solutions where you need them.

Documentum EP6 makes it easier than ever for organizations to create, use, and deploy content-centric solutions that drive business value.

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