The OpenText Enterprise Cloud and OT2

It is a hybrid world. By spanning off-cloud, business networks, private and public clouds, the OpenText Enterprise Cloud delivers information advantage through the ability to…

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July 12, 20194 minute read

It is a hybrid world.

By spanning off-cloud, business networks, private and public clouds, the OpenText Enterprise Cloud delivers information advantage through the ability to access business-critical information in the most convenient, secure and agile ways possible.

The OpenText Cloud is the destination for innovation.

The OpenText Cloud

The OpenText Cloud

The technologies that drive the fourth industrial revolution have changed the enterprise landscape. In order to compete in a fast-growing API economy, the enterprise must move some workloads to the cloud.

Each enterprise’s journey to the cloud will differ. That is why our cloud strategy delivers solutions that include the “run anywhere” OpenText Cloud Edition, OpenText Business Network Cloud and APIs built on top of our next-generation Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform, OpenText OT2.

OpenText CE – Cloud Edition

OpenText Cloud Edition (CE) is the next generation of private cloud that runs anywhere. It is built on proven solutions that run in our customers’ data centers, their cloud of choice or in the OpenText Cloud.

To move information advantage beyond the enterprise and optimize solutions in the cloud, our latest release, 19.2, will be our last “major release” of OpenText CE; all future releases will be delivered as containerized quarterly updates. So our customers will never have to upgrade again.

The “run anywhere” capability of OpenText CE gives our customers flexible options to outsource, as well as store their data off-cloud. We remain committed to offering our EIM solutions on popular hyper-scale cloud infrastructures, as demonstrated by our partnership with Google. This partnership will enable multi-layered global disaster recovery services, as well as integration between G-Suite and OpenText EIM applications.

Mark Barrenechea announces Google partnership at Enterprise World

Making the Google Announcement at Enterprise World 2019

As infrastructure requirements shift, OpenText CE helps minimize the barriers to integration with open source software with APIs. Our experts from Managed Services can help free up IT resources so that they can focus on strategic initiatives, innovation and efficiency across differentiated systems.

OpenText Business Network Cloud

The OpenText Business Network runs 100% in the cloud and underpins commerce at a planetary level. Any-to-any integration helps to ensure that data is managed, integrated and secured across complex business ecosystems. The latest Business Network Cloud release puts the focus on data integration and management required by the intelligent and connected enterprise.

Enhancements to Trading Grid Analytics include long-term transactions volume and trading partner trend dashboards for richer supply chain insight. Security is expanded through data tokenization, giving organizations the ability to leverage protected data for visibility and intelligence services without exposing sensitive information. E-invoicing upgrades help to ensure compliance in more than 40 countries.

As part of this release, the launch of the OpenText Freeway Cloud in the U.S. gives mid-market companies an easy and affordable management solution with an extensive library of pre-built partner kits for fast trading and setup to improve business efficiencies.

For more details, I encourage you to read our EVP of Engineering and Cloud Services, Muhi Majzoub’s blog.

OpenText OT2

In an API economy, APIs are the connective tissue between organizations and their customers, partners and suppliers. They are powering a new economy based on innovation and growth through the development of new channels, products and services.

OpenText OT2 enables the API economy.

Built from the ground up on a modern architecture, OpenText OT2 delivers compelling applications for business users, a developer platform and hybrid EIM services—all on a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

With OT2, our customers can leverage existing investments in their off-cloud platforms and extend solutions where the cloud can quickly improve time to value.

OT2 platform updates are focused on driving rapid construction of purpose-built SaaS applications like OpenText Core Capture and OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange.

OpenText Core Capture provides cloud-based omni-channel ingestion of any content to organize and route content through a combination of OCR and machine learning. OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange streamlines the distribution, review and approval of transmittals and deliverables between customers and suppliers, vendors and clients.

This release adds granularity of permissions, scoping and federation to better enable the development of end-user experiences that remain consistent across multiple applications. It also provides deeper hybrid and cloud-to-cloud integrations with leading applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, OpenText Content Suite Platform and OpenText Documentum to improve end-to-end collaboration.

OT2 accelerates digital transformation by exposing developers to EIM services that can be used to build cloud native applications. Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs make it simple for developers to ramp up quickly. OpenText OT2 lays a clear path for information advantage through improved scale and efficiency, as well as the ability to build raw data apps and enrich information for greater insight and performance.

Our encompassing OpenText Enterprise Cloud is helping the world’s largest businesses reinvent themselves with powerful business information applications on any cloud infrastructure for optimized customer experience, operational excellence and transformational business models.

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Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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