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Businesses are operating in a zero-trust environment. Every year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Risks Report to identify and analyze the most pressing…

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September 12, 20184 minute read

Businesses are operating in a zero-trust environment.

Every year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Risks Report to identify and analyze the most pressing risks that the world faces. In the 2018 report, experts and decision makers were most concerned about environmental and cyber threats over the next decade, along with geopolitical tensions. In short, in their view, future risk will be created by either “Acts of God” or machines.

A Zero-trust Environment

Cyberattacks and information breaches are happening every day, from influencing the outcomes of elections to bringing down businesses to massive data breaches of personal information. In fact, every 39 seconds a company in the U.S. is hacked and one in three people are affected.

Digital is redefining cybercrime and cyberwarfare. Cyberattacks are multi-stage, hard to discover and highly targeted. As much as 38% of the attacks come from internal breaches. Some security threats are accidental, stemming from unauthorized employee access. In other instances, hackers test perimeters, phish, penetrate and lurk (sometimes with a dwell time of up to 100 days) and breach the network laterally. Once inside, information can be leaked out slowly or exploited en masse.

There is an expanding window of exposure for breaches. On average, it takes almost 200 days to detect a breach, and then a month for resolution. Businesses have to assume that the bad actors are already inside their network.

What are these bad actors after? The most valuable enterprise resource: information. This includes everything from customer information to employee information, product designs, payments, orders, invoices, machine-to-machine or IoT data and more.

Information lies at the heart of these attacks and it needs to be protected. It is no longer human vs. human, or human vs. machine… it is machine vs. machine. In a digital economy, organizations will rely on machines to help manage data, intellectual property (IP) and the growing number of digital identities associated with connected technologies.

For the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise, security is Job 1 and the right tools must be in place to detect and protect breaches.

Comprehensive security functions like the human immune system. As the immune system for business, the latest release of our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform, OpenText Release 16, offers multi-level, multi-role, multi-context security to make it the most secure information platform in the world. It combines content with confident collaboration, validated endpoints and identities, rigorous governance and discovery capabilities, and insights driven through AI and automation.

EIM – Total Security as the Immune System for Business

Release 16 offers extensive content services through data management, protection analysis, remediation and cleanup capabilities. Information is protected by user enrolled security (single sign on), context rights and time-based security. Organizations can collaborate with confidence with applications like OpenText Core, a simple, smart and secure application for creating, sharing and collaborating in the cloud.

As a critical aspect of our security platform, OpenText™ EnCase™ delivers endpoint forensics. It collects information, monitors behavior, sends notifications and helps automate incident response to minimize risk. EnCase solutions integrate into existing IT infrastructures to help organizations protect data, comply with regulations, perform forensic investigations when required and speed time from detection to resolution and learning.

Things will go wrong, and when they do, it will be essential to have the right tools and approaches in place to discover and recover. eDiscovery is a critical component of security. Our Discovery solutions deliver the gold-standard of digital forensics and unstructured data analytics for searching, collecting and investigating enterprise data to manage legal obligations and risk. New regulations will require new ways to classify data. OpenText Auto-Classification is the next-generation solution that combines industry-leading records management with cutting edge semantic capabilities for the classification of content.

As digital extends business into a global ecosystem, the need to manage and protect multiples systems, relationships and identities is growing. Our Covisint Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform enables organizations to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of their users, as well as their access to critical resources across their business ecosystems. Customers have been using it to create trading partner trust through secure identities, transactions and interactions in some of the largest digital marketplaces in the world.

Information, security and compliance requirements are merging into one challenge that must be fought on multiple fronts. As the immune system for business, OpenText Release 16 helps the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise protect its most valuable asset: information.

We all have an endpoint responsibility to protect information. This is the topic of my next post in this series.


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