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Securely manage your sensitive data across your enterprise content with Voltage Fusion

Organizations face increasing challenges when it comes to managing their sensitive data. Data sprawl and the lack of visibility surrounding sensitive information make it difficult to manage financial risks related to data breaches and comply with ever-evolving privacy laws. To effectively address sensitive data challenges, organizations must seamlessly integrate data discovery, classification, insights, security measures, usage monitoring, and lifecycle management.  

OpenText™ Voltage™ Fusion is a cloud-based data security platform that assists organizations with privacy compliance by providing contextual insights, assessing financial risks, and implementing protective measures to help you understand your sensitive data – wherever it is.  

Understand your data risk and gain visibility   

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations demonstrating robust risk management and privacy practices gain a significant advantage. Voltage Fusion by OpenText™ provides the foundation for improving data visibility by identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in both structured and unstructured data, as well as analyzing rich media such as images, audio, and video files.  

The newly enhanced integration of Voltage Fusion with Extended ECM helps govern and manage data throughout its entire lifecycle to help customers improve their overall data security and privacy posture. Our integration enables Extended ECM customers to enhance metadata, augment security controls, and move files into the ECM repository to drive retention and records disposition. By integrating Voltage Fusion with Extended ECM, customers can gain visibility into their data risk, protect sensitive data, and ensure regulatory compliance while leveraging critical data sets for business growth. 

Apply protections to unlock secure information sharing  

OpenText™ Voltage Fusion focuses on keeping your data safe wherever it is – whether it’s being used, on the move, at rest, on cloud or off cloud. By enabling rights permissions reporting and remediation, along with transparent file encryption, Voltage helps protect your data from breaches.  

For structured data, Voltage Fusion supports application retirement and archiving, in-place data masking, test data creation, and Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) to enable data privacy readiness, test data management, and secure data analytics. These capabilities not only help protect the data inside the applications that run your organization, but they also ensure that unauthorized users can use data in its protected form to support and grow the business. For example, included in this newest release, data analysts can now act on and manage structured data from Fusion Data Discovery workspaces with privacy and risk management practices built-in, helping customers unlock secure information sharing.  

Safely manage your data lifecycle for privacy compliance  

The key to supporting privacy by design, privacy compliance and a data trust framework is to govern and defensibly delete data over its lifecycle. Our OpenText Voltage data lifecycle management capabilities help you address privacy compliance by tagging and enriching metadata, managing data based on its business purpose, and supporting long-term preservation and data deletion efforts. This awareness also allows Voltage to support ad hoc information requests for audit, legal, and consumer rights requests to make sure responsive data is provided promptly. The latest Voltage Fusion release provides improved data management of SharePoint content, data hygiene and data clean-up capabilities that enable customers to reduce operational and data center consumption of resources, achieving greener IT.   

With OpenText Voltage Fusion, you can gain visibility on your most sensitive data, understand what protections to apply to reduce your financial risk exposure and ensure compliance across your entire data lifecycle. 

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Valerie Mayer

Valerie hails from Ottawa and is a bilingual (French native) animal lover who graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in business specializing in Marketing. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, for two years to work in international relations. After returning to Ottawa, Valerie soon discovered a passion for technology and started building her career in tech and found her way into cybersecurity. Outside work, she loves spending time with her three cats, Coco, Fraise, and Maple, dancing, sewing, completing woodworking projects, skating, and travelling.

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