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Ride the digital ecosystem wave, securely

Harness the power of your business networks to accelerate growth while reducing cost and risk

Connected digital ecosystems are forecast to generate one-quarter of all global revenue by 2030 – 80 trillion USD1, and businesses are eager to get their fair share. Enterprises are working overtime to connect partners, B2B customers, suppliers and other external communities to fuel CEO initiatives to increase growth, reduce cost and enter new markets. But simply connecting external communities to enterprise systems does not an ecosystem make!

B2B ecosystems are intended to be dynamic and fluid; they’re constantly changing. Ecosystem access and authorization security must be equally dynamic and fluid to accommodate constant change without compromising speed, experience or agility. But the tools used by most enterprises for securing external access to enterprise systems cannot meet complex B2B requirements or scale to handle the volume. In fact, many early ecosystem initiatives failed to deliver as promised or never got off the ground due to security complexity [read: cost]2. And today, 73% of businesses are “overwhelmed” managing third-party permissions3. Enterprises that embark on ecosystem journeys with “security as usual” face unsavory choices that will ultimately impact ecosystem revenue and success: participation (restrictive technical requirements), user adoption (poor experience), risk (data breach), and so on.

Go faster. Tame complexity. Rest easy.

OpenText Identity and Access Management (IAM) CE 23.1 makes it easy to secure and scale digital ecosystems that drive your business.

  • Accelerate ecosystem growth. The new IAM Admin component provides a self-service, low-code interface that significantly reduces the time, talent and risk to manage digital ecosystem access. Administrators can quickly and easily add new systems, organizations and users to ecosystems. Automate audit and compliance for all third-party access. Consistently apply and enforce access policies and zero-trust principles across any-sized ecosystem.
  • Standardize and streamline onboarding for all ecosystem participants. Use a single solution to rapidly and predictably introduce external organizations – and their users – to the enterprise. Automated and workflow-driven processes for registration, qualification and enrollment accelerate onboarding time and remove staff involvement until knowledge workers are truly needed. New capabilities simplify onboarding users with complex relationships and improve the self-service registration experience.
  • Mitigate the risk of financial loss from compromised credentials. OpenText™ Identity and Access Management (IAM) CE 23.1 includes new tools to further protect enterprises from the #1 attack vector: Compromised credentials2. Add voice biometric authentication to login, onboarding and other workflows to increase assurance that users are who they claim to be, yet without sacrificing convenience or accessibility. Arm delegated administrators and other privileged users with a mobile authentication app for even greater levels of assurance.
Standardize and streamline the secure onboarding of all ecosystem participants

How is OpenText™ Identity and Access Management different?

Unlike the vast majority of identity management products built to secure employee access to internal systems, OpenText IAM was built to secure extended enterprise access – the millions of external people, organizations, devices and systems that connect to enterprise systems and services – and is massively scalable. As a proof point, OpenText IAM customers typically consume 2-3 FTE to secure and manage identity and access for a global supply chain. Our proven cloud-based platform was designed from day-one to automate third-party access and authorization processes across unpredictable environments and without compromising security or experience – all while enforcing zero-trust principles.

Next steps

To learn more about how to secure and scale digital ecosystems, check out OpenText Identity and Access Management or read the paper on how to “Drive growth via third-party access“.

1 McKinsey. On ecosystems: Changing the rules of business. 2022

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Dennis McDermott

Dennis McDermott heads product marketing for OpenText Identity and Access Management and Supplier Portal solutions. Formally trained in human-centered design and research, Dennis has over 25 years of experience in aligning technology product offerings with core buyer needs and preferences and has led marketing and sales organizations in identity and access management for the past 15 years.

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