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Philips Healthcare advances fast, accurate diagnosis

OpenText Exceed TurboX helps connect therapy planning solutions

Three words, sought by healthcare providers and patients alike: fast, accurate diagnosis.

As a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy and other patient care technologies, Philips Healthcare aims to improve the lives of billions of people every year. Philips Radiation Oncology must bridge the divides between systems and software, facilities and caregivers to deliver effective, affordable cancer treatment. The company implemented OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) for high quality, secure connection.

“We want to offer capabilities to diagnose cancer much faster and much earlier,” explained Simon Omer, Head of R&D at Philips Radiation Oncology, North America. “With OpenText Exceed TurboX, we’re able to connect so many different components and make them available to our users, even if they all run on different operating systems.”

For medical providers accessing images from remote workspaces, OpenText ETX offers high-quality remote display. With strong encryption, integrated authentication and other safeguards, the web-based remote access solution protects the privacy of patient data.

Combined, the Philips therapy planning platform supported by OpenText ETX integration, clarity and security empowers physicians to improve the speed and quality of treatment, increasing a patients’ chances of recovery. Doctors and clinicians rely on convenient, secure access to useful images while patients rely on the doctors for fast, accurate diagnoses.

Ask any doctor, those three words can make a world of difference.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the Philips team for a video and success story. Check them out here.

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