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OpenText World Asia Pacific 2021–Grow with OpenText

Discover the Ultimate Cloud™

Digitalization has only just begun.   

It is no longer about ensuring connectivity in the short-term for a distributed workforce. It is about a much more complex nexus of forces. Businesses must support modern work, connect to global commerce, help build sustainable communities, and engage their customers in new ways, all while keeping their information safe.

Businesses Face New and Complex Forces

These pressures can be a catalyst for sustained change. Organizations have a rare chance to reinvent themselves and secure new opportunities. We have seen how rapidly innovation can occur. Look at vaccine development—the right data, technologies, and knowledge, in the hands of the right experts, create astounding results.

For businesses, a bold pivot is equally possible. Information is their most precious resource. And today’s technologies—the cloud, AI, automation—can empower them to put power behind that information, so they can drive growth and reach their most ambitious goals.

At OpenText World Asia Pacific, happening all online May 20-21, organizations of all sizes will learn how they can use information management to thrive in a new world.

Chart Your Path

This year’s conference will explore the Information Management Journey. There is no one path to digital acceleration. Each business is unique. But we believe the ideal destination for all is the Intelligent, Secure and Connected Business.  

What does this look like?

  • Intelligent companies unite content, customer experiences, analytics and automation to anticipate and react to challenges and opportunities.
  • Secure companies have multiple layers of defense to detect, defend against, investigate and remediate security threats and data loss.
  • Connected companies integrate critical business processes and value chains inside the organization, between organizations, and between clouds. This eliminates data silos, automates transactions, and powers analytics and reporting.

Organizations that develop these strengths reap tremendous benefits. They keep virtual workforces and valuable data secure. They build adaptive and sustainable supply chains. And they deliver personalized digital customer experiences at scale.

The Information Management Journey

Leading with an Infinite Mindset: A Conversation with Simon Sinek

I am incredibly excited that this year’s event includes a conversation with optimist, speaker and best-selling author, Simon Sinek. Simon will speak with our Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Ted Harrison, about how to lead your business in a world where disruption is constant. Drawing on his research into companies who build phenomenal cultures, Simon will describe how to identify your company’s vision, create teams that trust each other, and rethink how you react to your competitors. He will consider the differences between those with authority and those who truly lead, as well as whether leaders and visionaries are born or made. His insights will provide practical strategies to help organizations develop genuine resilience—rather than mere stability—and create lasting impacts on our world.

Keynotes: Discover the Ultimate Cloud™

In my CEO Keynote on Day One of OpenText World, I will share exciting details about our NEW initiative, Grow with OpenText. This set of programs brings together everything organizations need to embark on the Information Management Journey. Find out how you can gain an information advantage, and achieve greater scale, efficiency and insight, no matter your point of departure.

Together, we will explore OpenText Cloud Editions—The Ultimate Cloud. This is one piece of software that runs anywhere! And it has five specialized clouds, each focused on addressing a vital business need: Content Cloud for modern work, Business Network Cloud for global commerce and sustainable supply chains, Experience Cloud for modern customer engagement, Security & Protection Cloud to improve cyber resilience, and Developer Cloud to deliver information management as an API. All of it augmented and enhanced with analytics, automation and AI.

OpenText Cloud Editions: The Ultimate Cloud

During my keynote, Ted Harrison will speak with two of our customers, Tata Power and MSIG Insurance, about their own digital acceleration projects for optimizing productivity during remote work and enhancing customer-centricity.

On Day Two, the keynote from our Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer, Muhi Majzoub, will reveal the new capabilities of OpenText Cloud Editions 21.2, our most integrated, flexible and secure software release to date! Muhi will uncover incredible updates across OpenText’s five clouds—such as new AI services in Digital Experience Cloud to support the customer journey, strengthened self-service testing features in Business Network Cloud to accelerate partner onboarding, enhancements to Security & Protection Cloud to help investigators and examiners find evidence faster. And 21.2 is anchored by a new Content Services platform to power modern work in the cloud. There are so many new features that I cannot possibly list them all here!

Muhi will also speak with OpenText customer Huhtamaki PPL about the company’s strategies for success in using information management, automation and technologies in the cloud to increase both efficiency and insight.

This Way Up

OpenText has three decades of experience in deserving your trust. We look forward to a future of even greater innovation, with a new battle rhythm of software updates every 90 days, and incredible new capabilities to come.

I truly believe that the journey ahead for organizations is upwards and positive. And we are ready to help guide your business through its digital transformation. OpenText experts are empowering organizations to intelligently scale operations to be ready for a digital future. I look forward to showing you how. 

I invite you to register now for OpenText World Asia Pacific 2021.

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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