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Application Developers are the foundation of software companies around the world. Their expertise, abilities and creativity fuel the creation of new applications and solutions that…

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May 22, 20203 minute read

Application Developers are the foundation of software companies around the world. Their expertise, abilities and creativity fuel the creation of new applications and solutions that expand the boundaries of current business solutions. At OpenText™, we are committed to supporting the developer community by bringing new services and solutions that will help the community expedite, facilitate and expand their expertise within the Information Management (IM) ecosystem.

Refreshed OpenText Developer experience site

During OpenText Enterprise World Digital, OpenText announced a series of actions to support the developer community worldwide, including the re-launch of our OpenText Developer experience site. The developer site has completely transformed, now supporting all OpenText products and services. We have placed all developer resources, such as API documentation, product documentation, tools and forums, into one single place to help developers easily find what they need.

OT2 Developer solutions

For this release, our focus has been on our OpenText™ OT2 Platform and its related services and solutions. When navigating and browsing OpenText Developer, you will find plenty of relevant and updated information on services such as OpenText™ Core Capture Service, OpenText™ Core Signature Service and OT2 tools, as well as direct links to other OpenText solutions such as OpenText™ Covisint, Brightcloud, OpenText™ Magellan™ and others.

Our OT2 developer solutions include the following:

  • Access to a growing catalog of APIs – You can find a growing number of APIs documentation that can be used to create new IM applications or extend existing ones. Over the next few months, OT2 API documentation will be expanding as we add new services. Expect to see more APIs being added as well as code samples that you can use in your work.
  • Content for Developers – You can find the information you need and the support you require, such as Product information, Success Stories, Best Practices and many more. You can learn as much as you want on topics such as Foundational Services, CORE services, and many more.
  • A powerful new Community Forum – Our forum section has now expanded and uses a new powerful platform that facilitates your engagement with other IM experts. Leverage the different options available such as “post a question”, “provide answers to questions posted by other developers”, “start a thread”. “post code samples” and “use others posted by fellow developers”. We will use this forum to communicate upcoming events and activities focused on the community and strongly encourage you to be active and connected.

A refreshed OpenText Developer site is one of several new activities coming to better support the developer community. Keep an eye on our Developer site for new and exciting announcements.

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Cesar is an international senior product, marketing and strategy expert with more than 25 years on the Technology space with experience in Latin, North American and European markets. He supports OpenText Developer and focuses on providing marketing support to Information Management (IM) application developers and communities. He covers best practices, market trends and announcements and shares his expertise in his blog

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