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The industry you work in has its own identity. While some may share characteristics with others, each vertical has a set of business challenges unique…

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January 13, 20223 minute read

The industry you work in has its own identity. While some may share characteristics with others, each vertical has a set of business challenges unique to it. Increasing customer engagement looks different at a utilities company than it does at a retail bank. 

That’s why OpenText creates Industry solutions, offerings made up of technology components and services that we put together to help organizations tackle those unique challenges. We leverage our extensive industry expertise to identify the pressing problems that different verticals face today and combine products from across our technology portfolio, as well as services and know-how, to address those problems. Our goal is to help you thrive, regardless of what disruptors your sector is experiencing, and to keep you a step ahead of the competition.

In 2021 we launched more than a dozen Industry solutions targeting specific business challenges in Energy, Manufacturing, Banking, Life Sciences and Public Sector. In 2022 we will to continue to bring you innovative solutions that are timely and tailored to help you overcome specific challenges and move your company ahead.

Responding to recent challenges

The last few years have brought new disruptors to the global marketplace. Of course, the pandemic is top of mind, but other factors such as the intensity and frequency of natural disasters and recent political upheaval are causing turbulence across global industries. Helping you overcome industry challenges both new and existing is what these solutions are all about.

For example, with Energy companies limiting field workers’ trips to the office during the pandemic, we saw a need for documentation to be available to these workers remotely. Remote Access for Energy Workers gives field engineers, maintenance workers and contractors fast, safe, up-to-date access to documents, regulations and procedures from their mobile devices, eliminating trips to the main office to pick up printouts. This solution was conceived a few years ago to help Utilities companies remain operational during the California wildfires. But given the restrictions that the pandemic continues to place on human contact and central gathering places such as office buildings, the solution couldn’t be more applicable today.

Where we see similar industry challenges across different verticals, we tailor our solutions to target those sectors’ requirements. For example, our Digital Experience platform helps companies personalize experiences and improve customer engagement in retail banking, utilities and government, just to name a few verticals. By putting the platform in the context of each industry and adding specific elements – as we did with our Clinical Data Intelligence solution for Life Sciences released in mid-2021 – we aim to meet each sector’s individual needs.

Visit our Industry Index page to see the full list of verticals that OpenText focuses on and the Industry solutions we offer.

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Martin Richards

Martin Richards is a Senior Director for Industry Solutions at OpenText. For over twenty years, he has worked with ECM technology, running professional services and driving solutions across multiple industries.

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