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Maximize IBM i efficiency with an integrated connection to the cloud 

I recently attended a captivating lunch and learn session led by Andre Manriquez, Director of Solution Consultants, who shared his knowledge of the IBM iSeries (AS400) and of integration options to the IBM i platform. The highly engaged audience included company presidents, chief operating officers and IT from various industries, including telecommunications, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing.

The questions during the Q&A were equally varied, and everyone was looking to explore ways to optimize their utilization of the iSeries infrastructure. One of the key highlights of the session was the in-depth exploration of the OpenTextTM i2BNC adapter, which enables seamless integration and data exchange between IBM i systems and the OpenTextTM Business Network Cloud.

The challenge of maximizing IBM i value with cloud integration

For any business, integrating internal ERP systems with external B2B data is crucial for optimizing in-house staffing resources with faster and more efficient document and data exchange. As Andre explained, while this is also true for companies operating on iSeries platforms, many companies are concerned with how to integrate their old-faithful iSeries platform with future-ready cloud-based systems. This is where the OpenText i2BNC adapter comes into play as a mechanism for customers looking for a managed service with iSeries integration.

A pre-built, yet customizable approach to iSeries integration

Although the i2BNC adapter has been pre-built to speed the implementation of ERP integration, this is not a rigid one-size-fits-all solution. The i2BNC adapter still offers a lot of flexibility, and OpenText provides the expertise to customize the integration based on the customer’s needs. For example, the adapter provides a convenient tool to relay information about IBM i DB2 database file record format attributes to the OpenText team. This accelerates production of translation maps that effectively accept or produce data from existing database files.

Usage Scenarios that benefit from an iSeries integration connector

To better understand the practical applications of the i2BNC adapter, Andre also explored a few use cases where businesses can benefit from its capabilities.

  • IBM i preservation: Businesses that choose to keep their ERP software on the IBM i machine can maximize the value of their legacy system by taking advantage of the OpenText managed service by utilizing the i2BNC adapter for efficient integration with the cloud.
  • B2B cloud migration: IBM i customers planning to transition their on-premises EDI/B2B operations to the cloud, can leverage the i2BNC adapter and still maintain a seamless connection between internal systems and external cloud-based B2B activities.
  • Resource optimization: When an EDI specialist is retiring, or additional help is required, organizations may want to offload the EDI portion of their business to the OpenText experts. The i2BNC adapter allows for streamlined operations, less manual effort and reduced dependency on specific individuals or skills.

How it Works

Andre demonstrated how the i2BNC adapter seamlessly connects with the customer’s iSeries platform, making integration between the external Business Network Cloud and the internal backend systems effortless. Regardless of the ERP software used, as long as it operates on the AS400, the i2BNC adapter can effectively send and receive IBM i database file data between the IBM i system and the OpenText Business Network Cloud.

The i2BNC adapter opens up a world of possibilities for businesses operating on the IBM i platform. With its ability to facilitate seamless integration between backend database systems and the OpenText Business Network Cloud, organizations can achieve faster and more efficient data and file exchange.

See the i2BNC adapter in action

Learn more about how OpenText EDI and ERP solutions for mid-size and enterprise businesses. Interested in witnessing the power of the i2BNC adapter firsthand? Be sure to request a live demo and unlock the potential of your iSeries infrastructure.

Naomi Skinner

As Senior Manager, Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network, Naomi leads product marketing efforts for B2B integration in the supply chain space as well as in healthcare. Experienced marketer across various industries, Naomi enjoys translating complex concepts into simple terms.

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