Make information your superpower

Have you ever pictured yourself as a superhero? Tall stance, hands on hips, cape waving behind you. Looks good, doesn’t it?

At OpenText, we give you the tools to become a superhero by working smarter. Working hard delivers results but working smarter gets you better results faster. It helps you make the right decisions, focus on what matters, and rest better at night knowing OpenText is behind the scenes working hard for you. Working smarter is a superpower.

It’s never been more important to work smarter. Business 2030 is around the corner, and with it brings a whole new way of working that is human centric, inclusive, and sustainable. Workplaces will soon be dominated by a generation of talent who bring high expectations for choice, flexibility, and instantaneous information. Moreover, new rules and new regulations around data sovereignty, AI, privacy, ESG, climate, diversity, social justice, and compliance are redefining the meaning of trust. The great reinvention is upon us, and technology is the only way forward. As processes become more automated in the age of digital, your superpower to a competitive edge is to be more human. 

Being more human means that organizations need to embrace the information advantage to bring forth the best employee, customer, and partner experiences. The truth is most companies have accumulated complexity because growing volumes of data, applications, and workflows have sprawled across multi-generations of IT, spanning the legacy and the contemporary. And digital business models have only heighted this challenge and chokepoint. Success in Business 2030 calls for simplicity, scale, and speed through better information management. 

It’s time to work smarter

Organizations that have the information advantage are working smarter to navigate the unforeseen and race ahead of competition. They are intelligent — driving business processes with simplicity and gaining foresight with AI-powered decisions that accelerate velocity and confidence. They are connected — collaborating more effectively with customers, partners and employees and integrating information across the ecosystem to run and transform at the same time. They are secure — with a cybersecurity portfolio that covers growing attack surfaces. And they are responsible — using technology to address new rules and new regulations regarding climate, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, governance and trust.

All around us we see organizations bring superhuman impact through information and automation by being smarter with OpenText. For example, Philips Healthcare is advancing cancer patient care technology with remote access to connect therapy planning solutions. The San Jose Sharks are satisfying hockey fans’ constant desire for content by managing game video footage to quickly tell the team’s stories. And the Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit uses digital forensic tools to close cases faster and prosecute more offenders.

Decorative images of everyday people dressed as superheros

Smarter with OpenText

At OpenText, we believe future business growth is inclusive, sustainable and human centric. OpenText solves complexities by bringing information and automation together so businesses of all sizes can be re-invented through new digital fabrics, new rules and new ways to work. The world’s most trusted companies trust OpenText, and our expertise is in helping people work smarter. OpenText powers and protects information to elevate every person and every organization to be their best.

Discover your superpower and learn more about what it means to be Smarter with OpenText.

Sandy Ono

Sandy Ono is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. Sandy is responsible for driving marketing and communications worldwide from brand to demand to deliver growth for the company. With more than 20 years of experience as a business transformation leader in the high-tech industry, Sandy brings a passion for marketing, analytics, and leading world-class teams from strategy to execution.

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