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Developers can find it hard to gain insightful and practical knowledge about developer services. Reading lengthy, business-oriented documentation doesn’t always provide the information you’re looking…

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August 20, 20213 minute read

Developers can find it hard to gain insightful and practical knowledge about developer services. Reading lengthy, business-oriented documentation doesn’t always provide the information you’re looking for. And time is scarce. When you’re trying to learn and become a better developer, tight deadlines, endless deliverables and pressure to build applications can get in the way.

We recognize these challenges. That’s why we’ve added a new channel for training and knowledge: the OpenText™ Developer Cast, a podcast now available on Spotify, iTunes, or Google.

What is the OpenText Developer Cast? Simple: It’s a space where I’ll bring together engineers, developers and product owners for 15-minute conversations covering technical topics about different developer services and functionalities. My goal is to cover the subjects and questions that you as a developer might have. There’s no marketing or selling stuff. We discuss only what you want to hear as part of an open conversation.

On each episode, I’ll talk with our team members and guests so they can walk you through what they’ve built and how you can use those services in your day-to-day work. We’ll cover topics that are relevant to developers currently working with information management solutions and who want to better understand how these services work. The episodes explore all kinds of subjects: our roadmap for Developer services, the functionalities of our application programming interfaces (APIs) for Content Services or Workflow, best practices for your information management journey and more.

Some of the key episodes that I strongly recommend feature our top technical leaders—they also happen to be fun to talk with and extremely knowledgeable on their topics. They include Justin Hopkins (Content Services), Tim Evavold (Internet of Things) and Nicholas Carter (the OpenText Developer Cloud). But don’t take my word for it—check out these episodes and hear for yourself:

  • What is the OpenText Developer Cloud?—Learn about all the different initiatives that OpenText has for developers and how you can benefit from using these services. From access to APIs, to documentation and tutorials, to how-to videos and more, you’ll learn what to expect from OpenText in the months ahead. To listen, click here.
  • Understanding Content Services—Discover why content services are crucial for building powerful IM applications. Learn how content services—as a set of document management-centric services that encapsulate standard content management topics and concepts—can deliver functionalities such as object modeling, permissions and ACLs, traits and definitions, key management, policy application, qualification and disposition, event-driven retentions, multi-phase retentions, encryption, and protection and backing. Click here to listen.
  • IoT Solutions for Developers—Learn about the 800+ available APIs to support IoT solutions and how you can successfully build solid and secure IoT applications. You’ll also discover why 80 percent of IoT projects fail (the reason is pretty surprising) and how our platform APIs can prevent such problems. What’s more, this episode also looks at how developers can manage user access/control of devices and associated data—and increase security and usability—without having to build or integrate a separate access governance solution. Check out this episode here.

So keep an eye on our OpenText Developer Cast: You can access episodes via Spotify, iTunes and Google and listen at your own convenience, wherever you’re located. And if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to reach out: Contact me at cvasquez@opentext.com or add a comment in our developer forum at https://forums.opentext.com/forums/developer.

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Cesar is an international senior product, marketing and strategy expert with more than 25 years on the Technology space with experience in Latin, North American and European markets. He supports OpenText Developer and focuses on providing marketing support to Information Management (IM) application developers and communities. He covers best practices, market trends and announcements and shares his expertise in his blog

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