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Over the last year, OpenText™ has massively expanded its information management mission. With the integration of Micro Focus, OpenText now serves a wide range of…

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October 10, 20234 minute read

Over the last year, OpenText™ has massively expanded its information management mission. With the integration of Micro Focus, OpenText now serves a wide range of software categories including content, experience, cybersecurity, IT operations management, application delivery management, and more. Today, we are introducing the OpenText Partner Network – one unified partner framework and program for all of our enterprise partners.

In the context of our expanded mission, OpenText has reshaped its partner program to expand on co-innovation and go-to-market relationships.

Diagram of the components of the OpenText Partner Network

The OpenText Partner Network has five distinct segments. Our strategic partners are where we will invest in multi-year co-innovation roadmaps with hyper-scalers and application providers to build integrated solutions that automate end-to-end processes.  Our global system integrators are those partners who co-create vertical-led solutions with us by bringing together industry client knowledge with horizontal solutions from OpenText. In the reseller segment, we partner for broad global reach to bring OpenText technologies to customers through their preferred partner relationships. With our technology partners, we work on partner solution extensions (SolEx) to OpenText products and OEM relationships using OpenText technologies. And lastly, in our SMB/C segment, we have a robust and growing community of managed service providers who  serve small- and medium-sized businesses with OpenText solutions.     

With our partner ecosystem, it’s now time to help customers on their AI journey 

OpenText has had a long history of innovation in AI. Most recently, we launched our vision and strategy for how AI will help us reimagine work – across all industries, all functions, all roles. In this innovation race, we know that information management will be essential for AI disruption because automation and trusted data are  prerequisites for a successful AI strategy. With our partners, we have spent the last decades helping our customers manage transactional and experiential data. Our joint expertise is deep. What we collective know is this:  The better the information automation, the better the data, the better the AI.

As the hard facts about generative AI start to surface – from AI hallucinations to copyright infringement – customers will need trusted partners who work together to help them implement AI holistically. Therefore, trust must be built everywhere from code to core to cloud.  At the code level, we must embrace value-based design in how we program AI, and we need a coalition of technology partners who are willing to stand behind similar ethical AI practices. At the core application level, we need alliances to build integrations so customers can benefit from AI applied across the end-to-end value chain. Lastly in the journey to cloud and AI, customers need implementation partners who also value trusted data to design solutions that are secure, protected, and future proof. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to serve organizations of all sizes in this AI revolution.

With the introduction of OpenText Aviator this week, we are launching a special program for partners. OpenText Aviator Thrust gives partners an opportunity to try OpenText’s robust library of cloud API services for 30 days free. We understand partners need space to experiment and predictability while driving incubation and growth. For any who are driving AI, we look forward to having you as a beta partner to put the best AI orchestration tools to use for your clients through OpenText Aviator Thrust.

The value OpenText will bring customers with the OpenText Partner Network is tremendous. OpenText is investing in R&D to innovate the best technologies, so our partners can build unique solutions for end clients. OpenText is partnering across all territories and regions with channel partners to drive international growth together. We are widening the portfolio of products that our resellers and distributors can sell. And we are co-innovating the next generation of AI-led solutions.

OpenText has never been more excited to engage with our partner ecosystem as we race towards Together, we will seize the massive opportunities ahead. 

Learn more about the OpenText Partner Program for existing partners or to sign-up as a new partner.  

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