Improve the employee experience with OpenText People Center Release 16 EP5

Today’s employees are, like everyone else, sophisticated consumers of information. Whether a private sector executive or a public sector staffer, employees expect the same ease of use in searching for information at work as they do when shopping online.

OpenText™ People Center™ enables organizations to bring that level of user experience into the workplace, delivering a self-service HR help desk to employees that provides simple, controlled access to relevant documents that they can search for and find on their own. With single-sign-on capabilities, employees can get the information they need without logging into multiple systems or web sites. And like all the best modern consumer apps, OpenText People Center is natively mobile for access anytime, anywhere.

Better self-service, fewer HR tickets

Now, we are pleased to announce OpenText People Center Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), offering significant improvements that raise the level of employee self-service even higher. When employees can get more of the information they need without assistance or delays, it’s a win-win: higher job satisfaction and employee engagement, and productivity gains for everyone, including HR professionals. In short, fewer questions and requests from employees means fewer tickets for HR.

There are two tangible improvements with EP5 that you can see right away. The first is a completely redesigned employee self-service experience that echoes that of familiar consumer apps, including new functionality that boosts productivity and ease of use. For example, this new experience includes embedded analytics that guides employees to take the best actions, while maintaining control over where the process should go next. Additionally, employees can now rate help topics and save them as favorites for future reference.

The new aesthetic enhancements are supported by an underlying structural improvement: robust integration with OpenText™ Extended ECM. Now, in addition to accessing standard company information such as policies, procedures, and benefits, employees can search the content repository for their own records and personal information. For example, users can view documents attached to tickets and help topics in the business workspace panel associated with the ticket or help topic. Rather than submitting a request to HR for salary history or past performance reviews, employees can retrieve the information themselves with a personalized experience, in a secure and controlled environment. They can also update their own data and be certain that it is accurately replicated and synchronized throughout their records.

Meeting the expectations of employees as consumers

Today’s workforce demands sophisticated functionality at every stage of their interaction with employers: during recruitment, onboarding, employment, and even as alumni. OpenText People Center helps organizations be more employee centric, while at the same time enabling HR departments to save time, optimize resources, and increase compliance.

To learn more about OpenText People Center, visit our website.

Dane Becker

Dane is a Senior Marketing Manager for Process and Applications, with over 25 years experience in managing and marketing software products and solutions. He is currently focused on launch and go-to-market activities for AppWorks, Digital Process Automation, Dynamic Case Management and Low-code Applications.

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