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Betagro accelerates business processes with OpenText

As a trusted and ethically managed business in the Agro-industry, Betagro places a high emphasis on food quality, safety and sustainability. With operations throughout Asia and Europe currently undergoing expansion, any improvement to its supply chain is welcome, while ensuring it adheres to strict regulations and compliance regimes.

This requires meticulous documentation surrounding its approval processes and supply chain management, specifically within its research and development (R&D) and manufacturing departments. However, the firm was heavily reliant on paper documents for product development, shipping, contracts, sales proposals, approvals and much more. Its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was falling short. So, the time was right for a replacement as part of a complete organizational transformation project.

“Our management team set a goal to implement an enterprise-wide platform to securely and robustly handle all of our information,” said Pornthip Chusuwan, head of IT at Betagro. “Our partner, Atos Thailand, recommended OpenText Extended ECM™ for SAP® Solutions, as it was best suited to meet our needs with tight integration to with SAP, enterprise-wide scalability and a proven track record.”

Using OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, Betagro has strengthened its digital business and governance practices, significantly reduced its reliance on paper documents and made notable improvements across its supply chain.

Unified management processes across the enterprise enable quick, easy access to good information, which leads to better decisions for each of its 1,000 users. The number of steps in the order administration processes has decreased by over 50 percent, improving supply chain administration. Employee collaboration has improved and employees are confident that they are using the most up-to-date version of documentation, improving customer service with fast, reliable information access. With OpenText providing one source of the truth, the accuracy of crucial areas, such as product recipes or pricing, is no longer a concern.

Reviews and approvals are now faster too, with all associated documentation now securely stored and managed in OpenText, yet accessible from within SAP. All approvals are now handled electronically, speeding up the approval process. Compliance is also improved with a complete audit trail, which is extremely important in areas like food safety.

“OpenText makes it easier and quicker to retrieve the information we need, improving and accelerating our decision-making processes,” said Pornthip Chusuwan. “Thanks to OpenText, we’ve been able to achieve this within our redesigned, streamlined business processes. Good information leads to better decisions and each of our 1,000 users can get to that information far more quickly than ever before.”

Read the Betagro customer story to learn more about how Betagro is improving business processes with OpenText.

Meaghan Campbell

Meaghan Campbell is a Customer Marketing and Reference Manager based in Waterloo, ON. Meaghan is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. She also manages the reference activities for the Enterprise Content Management product suite, giving customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations with OpenText technology.

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