From Berlin’s highs to Shanghai’s horizons: Join the Virtual Garage Tour at the next Formula E showdown

Experience firsthand how Jaguar TCS Racing blends high-tech innovation with thrilling race strategy in the heart of Shanghai!

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May 16, 20244 minute read

Hello, fans and tech enthusiasts, and welcome to Rounds 11 and 12 of the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship! As the electrifying 2024 competition heads to a showdown in Shanghai, we invite you to be part of an unparalleled racing experience. Coming off a sensational victory in Berlin, the Jaguar TCS Racing team is poised to continue their championship quest, and you can witness it all from the front row with our exclusive Virtual Garage Tour on May 23rd.

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Berlin brilliance: A launchpad to Shanghai

The team’s performance in the Berlin E-Prix doubleheader was nothing short of spectacular. Nick Cassidy clinched victory and the fastest lap in round 9, demonstrating the sheer power and precision of the Jaguar I-TYPE 6. Meanwhile, Mitch Evans showcased his skill and tenacity, moving up six places to finish fourth. With both drivers securing valuable points in round 10, the Berlin E-Prix double header weekend resulted in the most successful weekend in the team’s history, propelling Nick to the top of the Drivers’ standings, and strengthening the team’s lead in the Teams’ World Championship. As we carry this momentum into Shanghai, expect nothing less than heart-pounding action and strategic mastery.

Shanghai circuit: Where tradition meets tomorrow

The Shanghai circuit, renowned for its intricate layout and demanding turns, presents a unique challenge that tests the limits of both car and driver. In this next leg of the race, our team is set to navigate the complexities of this modern track, where every corner could tell the story of victory or the narrow miss of defeat.

Step inside the garage with a virtual tour

Our Virtual Garage Tour is your backstage pass to the inner workings of a top Formula E team. This exclusive experience goes beyond the race; it’s a deep dive into the innovative technologies and strategies that drive Jaguar TCS Racing. From data analysis to in-depth discussions with our engineers, you’ll get an insider’s view of the preparation and precision required to compete at the highest level of electric racing.

Our team members will guide you through the garage, demonstrating how OpenText™ Analytics & AI technology, especially OpenText™ Vertica™ and IDOL™, help the race team strategize and steer decision-making for Season 10.

You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered live, gaining insights into the technological innovations that drive this fast-growing global motorsport. This tour is your chance to see up close how the team prepares for the challenges of the racetrack.

Sustainability and innovation: Driving the future together

Electric motorsport is more than a showcase of speed—it’s a catalyst for sustainable automotive innovation. Formula E serves as a crucial testbed for advancing electric vehicle technologies that are essential for reducing carbon emissions. Through competitive racing, Jaguar TCS Racing demonstrates how these technologies can influence the broader automotive industry, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices and products.

OpenText proudly supports Jaguar TCS Racing, a team that champions both competitive success and sustainability. Our partnership underscores a mutual dedication to leveraging technology for a cleaner future, faster.

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On May 23rd, we’re excited to bring you closer to the pulse-pounding world of Formula E with this immersive virtual experience. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the thrill of electric racing, this Virtual Garage Tour in Shanghai is your gateway to understanding the passion and technology that drive Jaguar TCS Racing. Join us and be a part of the race in Shanghai, where technology meets relentless drive at full speed.

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