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This is who we are, what we do, and why we work here.

Best brands are built from within. It is not a campaign, it is not a logo – it is the external expression of internal ways of working. You can call this culture, but at OpenText, we call it our distinct DNA, which for us means having character. We are a growth company, and here to make and move markets. We are innovators and builders (vs. consumers) and our mission is to bring the future forward with technology. And lastly, we are an impact company. We don’t back down on what we believe in – that diversity and inclusion is an essential part of innovation – and we elevate everyone to be better. These are the principles of who we are.   

We are a company with character

Every company has a culture, but few have character like we do. At OpenText, we’re like gamers – endlessly curious with a desire to crack the code. We are people who want to solve the next big business problem ahead of the company across the street, by being inquisitive and creative and trying new things. We have a mentality of being gritty with a relentless focus on our goals, while still showing gratitude and grace.

We are everywhere

The world’s most trusted brands trust OpenText. Our customers know us intimately and trust us with their most sensitive data and transactions. For over 30 years, we have been bringing information and automation together behind the scenes to help people work smarter. Daily life continues uninterrupted for hundreds of millions of people who rely on OpenText solutions that power the global top 100. From helping retailers put products on store shelves to moving aircrafts around the world, what we do matters. Everywhere you look, OpenText is powering and protecting information, and elevating every person and every organization to be their best.

We are a part of something bigger

There are many forces driving a new tech world order – businesses are reinventing themselves, there are new ways of working, new expectations around sustainability – and OpenText will be the foundational technology that powers the future. We see possibilities, not liabilities, and we believe that technology can save the world.

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, and that’s why everyone has a seat at the table at OpenText. We trust that every employee knows their work, has the skills to succeed, and has great ideas to bring to our projects. Our people explore their careers in their own unique way, so long as our eyes are fixed on the goal. We care deeply about making positive changes for the businesses we work with and the communities we live in, and recognize that we are part of something bigger.

Open your path at OpenText

Are you ready to open doors to limitless opportunity and adventure? To cultures and experiences from every corner of the world? Do you have the heart? If this resonates with you, check out our website to explore our opportunities and find out if OpenText is the right place for you.

For even more insights, read Versant: Decoding the OpenVerseTM, written by OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea. This book explores our culture in more depth, and our vision for how our technologies will power our future world.

Sandy Ono

Sandy Ono is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. Sandy is responsible for driving marketing and communications worldwide from brand to demand to deliver growth for the company. With more than 20 years of experience as a business transformation leader in the high-tech industry, Sandy brings a passion for marketing, analytics, and leading world-class teams from strategy to execution.

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