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A focus on practical usability in ApplicationXtender 16.3

Moving "AX" to be the platform for your content services

Welcome to the official first complete release of OpenText™ ApplicationXtender. One of the questions that customers and partners sometimes ask is “Why 16.3?” The answer is simple.

The current release for all OpenText products is Release 16 and ApplicationXtender is no exception – processes, technologies and management are aligned with this approach.  Today’s announcement demonstrates that OpenText is investing in ApplicationXtender, and the other products from the ECD acquisition. Today ApplicationXtender has a multi-year roadmap and a strategy fully endorsed by OpenText’s leadership.

With this said – I’m really excited about the new version released today, December 15th 2017. The goal of this release is ease-of-use as an information management platform, not simply a place to put content.

ApplicationXtender module diagram
ApplicationXtender provides a variety of tools to ensure capture of all information.

Web access features

With this release, we focus on ensuring ApplicationXtender offers a modern multi-platform experience. Web access is now the first choice of our customers and we have embraced this, by expanding the features that are browser first.

ApplicationXtender on a tablet
Responsive design to take advantage of all types of touch screens

Full feature, responsive mobile experience that includes:

The ability to “pan” the image within the viewer.

Multi-touch support so that users can take advantage of tablets as well as touch screen monitors.

Page navigation by flicker, zoom in/out, pinch with two fingers; switch viewer to full-screen mode; hide/show application list and thumbnails; draw/move/delete annotations; pan page images.

In addition to new touch and mobile-focused features there are other upgrades that are part of this release:

  • Higher quality thumbnail rendering
  • Save layout of page as new version (when rotating/adjusting pages)
  • Hot-key to move to next/previous document or next/previous page
  • Ad-hoc text searches:
    • from the result set, users can select multiple items and search within them
    • from the document view, users can perform a search of all pages within the document

We have also expanded in system administration to embrace OpenText as The Information Company™.

Many ApplicationXtender customers are reducing their IT footprint with the advent of cloud technologies and  greater alignment of information management with business users, so with this in mind, the latest version of  ApplicationXtender is even easier to maintain:

  • Eased system management including eased
    • Storage management- logical way to choose the location of actual files
    • Support member pagination in admin group setting
  • Support Single Sign-On for Active Directory users
  • Greater focus on information security
    • Support TLS 1.2 (AX-6236, WX-9625)
    • Expanded AES encryption includes Encrypt256 by default,  but with additional options

There is an inherent focus on practical usability. We recognize that people love ApplicationXtender because it aligns with their work processes in a simple, flexible way.

  • Contextual Landing Pages
    • Initial Login Landing page is different for each user, administrative users see global elements whereas users see specific elements to their security
      • Recently viewed documents
      • Documents currently checked out
    • Application Landing Page is focused on getting people back o where they left off
      • Application Name and Description
      • New documents for application
      • Saved searches
AX 16.3 landing pages
Contextual landing pages increase the usability of ApplicationXtender

On the point of practical usability, we have expanded the scanning tools to add robust web-based scanning:

  • Single and batch document scanning directly into ApplicationXtender without add-ons
  • Moved scanning, printing and export to back-end tasks so as not to interrupt actual work
  • Scanning interface has out-of-the-box connector for the Captiva Cloud Capture Toolkit
ApplicationXtender provides full featured scanning capabilities directly from web interface.

We aren’t the only ones who think ApplicationXtender has a bright future check out what Ovum has to say here.

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Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ApplicationXtender. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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