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Enable Interactivity in Your BIRT Viewer

BIRT Interactive Viewer(IV) is an end user tool that enables you to analyze and modify BIRT reports on the web using just your browser. It is implemented as a viewing service of BIRT iServer and can be turned on for all the reports or for each report. This article explores different ways this can be achieved. 

You can enable IV for an individual report by selecting “Enable Interactivity” option when you launch Actuate BIRT Viewer as shown in the screen shot below:
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There might be cases where you may want to skip though the above step and enable interactivity for all the reports by default when they are launched. This can be achieved by setting the configuration variable “AutoEnableIV” to true defined in file “[Install Dir]iServerservletcontaineriportalWEB-INFiv_config.xml”. This configuration variable is defined for each role and so you will find multiple matching entries . Choose the role for which you want to apply this setting. Role “All” would enable this for all the users. This change requires a restart of BIRT iServer.

If you just want a specific report to open with IV enabled, and don’t want to use the global approach described above, then you can add the following code to the individual report design in onContentUpdate handler method:
if (!this.getViewer().isInteractive())

Actuate JSAPI (AJAX-based JavaScript library) is another popular way of embedding BIRT reports within your composite web application and offers APIs to enable or disable interactivity. To enable it by default, use enableIV() API as a callback to submit() function call as follows (Download complete source code):

Learn more about Interactive Viewing or download BIRT iServer with Interactive Viewer for a 45 days free trial from hereand experience its rich internet application platform


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