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eDOCS: Creating a single, corporate-wide repository for all types of content with Release 16 EP5

Many organizations suffer from a decentralized document management system, non-standardized naming conventions, multiple sub-folders, and lack of version control. At the same time, information is the lifeblood of the organization, the fuel for day-to-day operations.

Organizations today need to ensure their business information is quickly and easily accessible, offering instant access to a complete set of work product and providing a holistic view into a client, project or matter.

OpenText™ eDOCS is a suite of products that helps organizations control, easily work with, and leverage their content for maximum business benefit. eDOCS is a proven, easy-to-use solution that balances your requirements for security, privacy and compliance with your need for information to be instantly accessible, anytime, anywhere. The solution captures and organizes your firm’s work product into a centralized eDOCS library – where it is easy to retrieve and work with. Our recent release of eDOCS with OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) provides customers with an enhanced OpenText eDOCS Solution for governance, compliance and reduced risk for the legal market, as well as improved speed and usability from within Outlook for end-users.

A new Outlook add-in featuring eDOCS InfoCenter

The new Outlook add-in featuring eDOCS InfoCenter provides improved search functionality to end users. InfoCenter has been modified to work within Outlook to provide users with improved searching and finding of information within eDOCS without leaving your existing Outlook view. It also provides an intuitive user experience: the search function has been moved front and center to help users get to relevant material while in their Outlook. With expanded records management accessibility, users can now leverage the speed and personalization of eDOCS InfoCenter to classify, manage, and govern your records, including physical, electronic, e-mails, and images.

Other features and functions users have come to expect from eDOCS are also easily accessible, like Public Folders, Workspaces, FlexFolders and Saved Searches.

Introducing eDOCS Defense – two new layers of security

Did you know?… Over a quarter (28%) of attacks reported in 2018 involve insiders. The insider threat can be particularly difficult to guard against—it’s hard to spot the signs if someone is using their legitimate access to data for nefarious purposes.  Source: 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report

With this release, we are pleased to introduce eDOCS Defense, which provides:

  • Document level encryption-at-rest: Data protection at rest aims to secure inactive data stored on any device or network. Attackers often find data at rest a more valuable target than data in motion.
  • Real-time activity monitoring: “The first step in protecting your data is in knowing where it is and who has access to it.”

Visit the eDOCS Defense page to learn more and book a demo.

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Learn more

Customers and partners can learn more about the latest release of eDOCS by downloading the release notes and software from My Support (My Support log on required). To learn more about OpenText Release 16 EP5, visit our website.

eDOCS 16.5 launched in December 2018. If you have any questions, please contact


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