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Discovery Suite Release—Unlocking Value in Unstructured Information

Unstructured information is the most valuable untapped resource in the enterprise today based on its potential to reveal hidden insights, impact decisions, and unveil new opportunities. And while some executives believe they are not maximizing the value of their unstructured information, others consider it to be more of a liability than an asset due to the cost and risk associated with unmanaged content. Consider the following examples.

  • A U.S. federal government agency had 19 organizational silos capturing and storing email indefinitely because they had no means of determining what could be responsibly deleted and what had long-term value to the agency and the national archive.
  • An oil and gas company was spending millions of dollars on eDiscovery and storage (and risking non-compliance) due to the retention of mass amounts of unnecessary employee email.

The strategic use of well-governed information is a key competitive advantage. Organizations accumulate huge volumes of unstructured information. Buried within it resides the lifeblood of the organization—the intellectual property and collective knowledge of the organization. Unfortunately, it is often comingled with information that is Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT).

To harness information’s true business potential, content needs to be easily available for reference, reuse, and analysis. For both the typical knowledge worker and compliance and legal specialists, unstructured information is tough to access because it resides within silos across the organization. As new content is created in increasingly new formats and locations, the digital enterprise will need technologies that not only capture and manage content but also provide critical analytics and discovery capabilities.

To enrich content and empower the enterprise, OpenText has released the OpenText Discovery Suite. OpenText Discovery Suite accelerates “time to value” by enabling people to find, understand, and leverage enterprise information. With this release, Discovery Suite includes solutions for auto-classification, content migration, content analytics, semantic search, and eDiscovery. This new suite of applications delivers enhanced unified information access, support for enterprise-wide information governance, and extended discovery applications across the EIM portfolio.

Unified Information Access – Enterprise content is stored within separate stand-alone systems—silos of information that prevent effective “search and locate” across the enterprise. OpenText InfoFusion is an information access platform that replaces one-off information applications—and their associated indexes, connectors, hardware, and support—with a common information management platform. Discovery Suite, based on InfoFusion, connects critical enterprise applications with robust search capabilities and adds applications to solve specific problems for knowledge workers and information management professionals.

Improved Information Governance – What sets this release apart is its ability to support a transparent information governance program by automating the application of retention policies on unstructured content. The automatic classification of information helps organizations determine what information to keep and what can be disposed of, to help reduce the cost and risk associated with storage, litigation, and eDiscovery.

Extended Discovery Capabilities The suite extends discovery capabilities to assess and enrich unmanaged content and, where necessary, to responsibly delete it or migrate it to the OpenText Content Suite. Discovery Suite also supports OpenText AppWorks and the developer’s need to create enterprise-grade applications that include search and content analytics. Written once and running on mobile devices and web browsers without additional effort, applications created for Discovery Suite make enterprise information accessible to those who need it, when they need it, regardless of its format or where it is housed.

Executives strive to achieve strategic competitive advantage by transforming the business while reducing operational cost and risk. OpenText Discovery Suite empowers organizations to discover, analyze, and act on volumes of content, support information governance and eDiscovery procedures,
and protect their intellectual capital while maximizing its potential.

To learn more about Discovery Suite, visit our product pages and read the press release.

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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