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Welcome to OpenText.

We are the information company.  We power and protect information to elevate every person and every organization to gain the information advantage.

In this day and time, information is ubiquitous and everywhere. It is scattered throughout organizations. Structured and unstructured. Tracked and untracked. Internal and external. In fact, there is so much information surrounding us, most of it is discarded. In a recent survey OpenText conducted, 80% of respondents said they experience information overload from constant information and too many apps, driving up stress levels by a third since 2020. What we’ve come to realize is that information on its own is not the answer.

The answer comes when you break down siloes and centralize information. When you continuously manage and bring all your information together, it is transformed. Patterns and trends emerge, insights are gleaned, and better decisions are made. That is the information advantage.

A single line of code

Today, we are launching our new global brand campaign.  At OpenText, we are proud of the innovation that is driven by our engineers and developers every day. They are the lifeblood of our products, our solutions, our company.  And for any developer, there is nothing more important than a single line of code. Thus, the design concept behind our campaign is just that, a single line of code that is an expression, an artform. That line represents information running through everything, highlighting the potential and possibility of all the information winding through our lives. OpenText gives that line life and shape to show how information leads to insight, innovation and, ultimately, an advantage.

Information drives multifaceted growth

Today business growth is multifaceted, defined by more than stock prices and profit margins. It includes the wellness of our employees, the proliferation of inclusive workplaces, the journey to sustainable operations and the assurance of safe, collaborative environments.

OpenText contributes to this multifaceted growth, for ourselves and our customers, by committing to the belief that we must:

  • OPEN trust in an untrusted world. If data is to drive decisions, access to it must be absolute. Multi-layered data security and cyber resilience create a safer environment for people to collaborate without risk.
  • OPEN employees’ state of mind. When information flows easy, fast and flexible, knowledge is able to empower employees. Frictionless organizations are agile, efficient and able to weather change without disruption to operations.
  • OPEN creativity to change the world. Intelligent, connected and responsible organizations master the art of the possible and harness the power to drive change.

We are moving toward a future where advantage is fueled by information and business growth takes on layered meaning. The OpenText line constantly moves forward. Through our innovation, dedication and commitment to excellence, our offerings help our customers move forward, too. We hope you’ll join us.

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Sandy Ono

Sandy Ono is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. Sandy is responsible for driving marketing and communications worldwide from brand to demand to deliver growth for the company. With more than 20 years of experience as a business transformation leader in the high-tech industry, Sandy brings a passion for marketing, analytics, and leading world-class teams from strategy to execution.

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