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The demand for digital self-service coupled with immersive, interactive experiences is growing. It led OpenTextTM to embark on a modernization program to transform its approach to digital experience.

“Our objective is to deliver a total experience: one that offers everyone—whether they are a prospect, customer, business partner or even an OpenText employee—the same easy access to digital content from our entire ecosystem,” said Hans-Gerd Schaal, vice president of digital engagement at OpenText. “We want to make it fast and simple for our stakeholders to find anything they are looking for: business trends, solution and product information, technical demos, training resources, commercial services and more.”

OpenText realized its vision could not be achieved by bolting on new capabilities to its existing website and systems. Instead, the company embraced a platform approach – beginning with a re-platformed, a new website design and data-driven journeys. By harnessing a composable architecture built on OpenText Experience Cloud and powered by Google Cloud Platform, the company laid the foundation for richer, more relevant and more compelling data-intelligent experiences.

The new digital platform is powering fresh content for more than 1,100 web pages, offering greater clarity and accessibility, and more personalization.

Since going live with the new experience, digital engagement rose 10%. The digital publishing team also reports a 50% reduction in time to market for new digital content. Learn more about how OpenText is enabling integrated digital experiences.

Where are you on a path to future-ready experiences?

With growing economic headwinds, organizations know they need to provide timely, relevant and personal experiences to attract and retain customers. Companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue than their peers, according to a report by McKinsey. Combined with the fact that companies consistently providing relevant omnichannel experiences grow revenue 41% faster and you have ample reason to build a modernization strategy.

If experiences of the past were built for everyone resulting in lifeless, generic and impersonal mass offers with lower engagement and satisfaction, experiences of the future are unique, relevant and hyper-personal – cultivating loyalty and repeat business. Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that are not. Discover these 8 paths to future-ready experiences to get started on your modernization journey.

Greg Dierickse

Greg Dierickse has been helping customers improve their digital experiences for over 20 years, including roles as product and marketing manager at Dell EMC, HP, and Oracle. Greg uses his first-hand experience running web and digital marketing teams to better understand the diverse requirements for customers, partners and employees. Previously, Greg has worked in Canada, United States, Singapore and Shanghai, and applies a global mind-set to unique customer journeys.

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