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Corporate Citizenship Report 2022: Introducing Our Zero-In Initiative

It is a time of great change—and even greater opportunity to make a difference.

I am excited to share our third annual Corporate Citizenship Report, where we are setting our bold agenda for 2030, reporting on our progress and highlighting the areas where we need to go faster. The report further details the advances we have made over the last year in pursuit of our environmental, social and governance goals.

The OpenText Zero-In Initiative—Our 2030 Pledge

OpenText is setting a bold agenda with a new corporate citizenship framework, The OpenText Zero-In Initiative, defining the future of OpenText and the advancements we are looking to achieve by 2030.

Our Zero-In framework is based on three pillars: Zero Footprint, Zero Barriers and Zero Compromise.

The OpenText Zero-In Initiative

Our commitments are clear—we are zeroing in on what matters most, while never compromising our culture, values, ethical business responsibilities, or our mission to power and protect information.

OpenText Zero-In: Zero Footprint

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Its impacts are short term, long term, and existential. It must be urgently addressed. And that is why our first pillar must be Zero Footprint.

The economy of the future is the circular economy, where resources are put back into the system to be used again. We are working to reduce our footprint and promote sustainability in every possible way—and helping our customers do the same.

Our commitments:

  • A science-based emissions target of 50% reduction by 2030; net-zero by 2040
  • Zero operational waste by 2030
  • Helping our customers transition from paper to digital processes
  • Be a climate innovator, using technology to help ensure a thriving planet

Becoming a net-zero company will require a collective effort across our organization to identify reduction opportunities and develop plans for more energy-efficient projects. We will also prioritize suppliers who have embedded sustainability into their products, operations and supply chains.

Our information management solutions align with our customers’ growing need for sustainability in their own operations. Some of our top priorities are moving our customers to the cloud, helping them achieve their own environmental goals by becoming climate innovators and facilitating the transition from paper to digital.

Digitizing processes with our Business Network Cloud

While our journey to Zero Footprint will evolve and deepen, I am proud of the important steps we are taking to hold ourselves accountable to our planet through data and action.

OpenText Zero-In: Zero Barriers

People of all backgrounds deserve equity and inclusion. Every voice at OpenText deserves to be heard and respected. Diversity is a requirement to innovate, and diverse organizations build stronger teams. It is how we will finally break down the social injustices that run into the very foundations of our society. Creating a job changes a life.

And that is why we are building a work environment with Zero Barriers. We will do this through new strategies for recruitment and retention, and by continuing to develop our inclusive culture.

Our commitments:

  • A majority ethnically diverse workforce by 2030
  • 50/50 gender parity within key roles and 40% women in leadership positions at all management levels by 2030
  • Focus on education and training opportunities in our communities

OpenText can help bring equity, diversity and inclusion not only to our company, but to the communities we live and work in, by creating development opportunities for underrepresented groups. We have established Indigenous and Black student internship programs, engineering internship opportunities for women in India, and critical skills training in South Africa.

Supporting our employees’ wellbeing is also vital to our success. We believe that our employees must all be able to live and work in a healthy environment, and this is underpinned by our unequivocal support for self-determination. We are creating a workplace where everyone feels safe and free to be their truest and most authentic selves. From ensuring our U.S. employees have the insurance coverage needed to protect health benefits and fundamental rights, to signing the Human Rights Campaign Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation calling for public leaders to put a stop to bills that discriminate against LBGTQ individuals.

OpenText Zero-In: Zero Compromise

We will strive for Zero Footprint and Zero Barriers with a mindset of Zero Compromise. We will be transparent, accountable and resolute. We will not compromise on our goals or values. This is what our Zero Compromise pillar is all about.

Our commitments:

  • Our number one priority is to defend and protect all data entrusted to us
  • Zero compromise on what matters most—ethical business conduct, quality and transparency
  • Science- and principles-based approach—The OpenText Way
  • Annual Corporate Citizenship Report

Our award-winning corporate culture is based on what we call The OpenText Way. It is about elevating our people and our organization, and prioritizing the things that really matter. This is the approach we bring to work every day, and this is the approach that we will apply to achieving our corporate citizenship goals and continuing to foster a culture of technology for good.

The Future Is Inclusive and Sustainable

Companies have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to create long-term sustainable value and impact for customers, employees and society as a whole. We believe that it is our role to bring software to this fight, to use information to uplift everyone.

Zero Footprint, Zero Barriers, Zero Compromise. That is our commitment.

To learn more about our commitments and how we will meet our goals, read our 2022 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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