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Technology is a team sport

The technology industry, much like technology itself, is full of possibility. Mei Dent, VP Engineering at OpenText™ knows first-hand how varied and inspiring a career in the tech industry can be. Having joined OpenText in 1995, Mei has now become a prominent leader in the company and a big proponent of diversity and inclusion – and of getting more women and minority groups into the industry.

Technology is a team sport. It takes a diverse set of voices, opinions and experiences to create the best team, and having diverse voices represented protects the entire team from blind spots. In other words, as Mei says, 1 + 1 is bigger than 2.

So, why is technology a good career option for women? In this video, Mei shares the many reasons she believes both women and minority groups should join the tech industry – and the reasons why the tech industry should continue moving towards increasing diversity.


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