Connect Enterprise information with OpenText AppWorks Release 16 EP5 – and gain speed and agility

Every organization is evaluating its business processes to meet today’s relentless demands for constant innovation and delivering engaging user experiences. One main challenge is that valuable information typically resides in disparate systems and applications across the organization, creating silos and process inefficiencies.

These systems were never built to keep up with current requirements for:

  • A seamless multi-channel customer experience
  • Fast, informed, smart decision-making
  • Compliance with a seemingly endless raft of new regulations

There’s a new challenge every day, regardless of your industry, sector, or market.

This situation is where OpenText™ AppWorks™ shines! AppWorks provides a single platform for digital process automation, case management, and low-code application development. This is how you can make big strides in automating complex business processes, enabling better decision-making, and improving customer experiences.

The newest release of AppWorks 16.5 provides enhancements that help your organization:

  • Gain speed and agility with enhanced low-code development controls
  • Harness deeper integrations with enterprise information management (EIM) solutions to automate content-rich processes and maximize investments
  • Deliver streamlined, intuitive user experiences
  • Accelerate business impact with intelligent, content-rich applications

Gain speed with enhanced low-code development controls

As explained in this video, low-code application development increases agility and efficiency in the design and deployment of applications, and simplifies the modification process.

Developers can now enjoy more flexible controls that aid in creating intuitive end-user experiences. With this latest release, new features like eSignature support and activity-chaining enhance automation and accelerate the development of compliant and process-rich applications.

Ensure compliance with eSignature support and audit controls

From an administrative perspective, deeper enterprise integrations, granular multi-tenancy configurations, and further alignment with web services standards streamline administration while providing flexibility.

Harness deeper integrations to automate content-rich processes

While speed and agility are critical in application development, it’s equally important to leverage the valuable enterprise information currently residing in existing systems and repositories. AppWorks leverages a common information layer to make information from all systems of record, including existing EIM solutions, accessible to digital process automation applications.

The latest release of AppWorks provides a deeper integration with OpenText™ Documentum™ for simplified content linking and upload, along with advanced metadata administration options.

Similarly, with enhanced integrations with OpenText™ Extended ECM, emails and associated attachments can be viewed in native email clients using the Extended ECM Business Workspace.

This focus on EIM is why OpenText is the industry leader, enabling businesses to grow faster by improving business insight and efficiency, while lowering operational costs and reducing security risks.

Deliver streamlined, intuitive user experiences

Expectations for usability are constantly increasing, and a good user experience can have a massive positive effect on application adoption.

AppWorks 16.5 continues to provide richer and more engaging experiences with improved filtering criteria for entities, additional display configurations, and form controls. Also, embedded in this release is a preview of the next generation AppWorks end-user experience built with a “mobile first” approach.

Accelerate business impact with intelligent, content-rich applications

While AppWorks enables rapid application development, your organization can also benefit from the work we’ve already done at OpenText with purpose-build, AppWorks based, business applications.

OpenText™ Contract Center transforms contract management from siloed document workflows to intelligent and connected work processes. With this latest release, it now integrates with OpenText Extended ECM in addition to other repositories, allowing organizations to centralize contracts, enforce contract language and standardization, automate contract processes, and manage risk using analytics.

OpenText™ People Center enables HR to improve employee self-service and respond more easily to employee inquiries, as well as quickly access necessary documents to gain visibility into key measurements and indicators.

Enhance HR service and employee self-service with OpenText People Center

People Center has added integration with Extended ECM in the new release to deliver enterprise-class records management. And it showcases a completely redesigned employee self-service experience with seamless help-topic integration.

As your organization looks for new ways to drive efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, AppWorks can help. Using a low-code approach, AppWorks helps organizations gain speed and agility, streamlining processes with intelligent automation and connecting valuable enterprise information – no matter where it resides. That’s how AppWorks delivers results.

Learn more about OpenText Release 16 EP5 by visiting our website.

Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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