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Announcing OpenText AI & Analytics Release 16 EP7

Power the information advantage with AI, machine learning and analytics

Whatever you do, having access to the right information instantly, whenever you need it would make your job a whole lot easier. But when you’re working to complete a task or move a project forward, the information you need is often “out there, somewhere” in some form. Even if you know it exists, it’s not always easy to locate. And if you don’t know it exists? Well, the odds of finding it shrink and, even if you do find it, the time required can be significant.

That’s why OpenText™ AI & Analytics Release 16 Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7) uses OpenText™ Magellan™, OpenText’s AI platform, to draw insights from all of your organization’s data – not just from structured data in ERP systems, databases, CRM systems and more, but from unstructured data such as emails, notes written in text or Word, scanned images, text messages and blog posts.

Magellan Release 16 EP7 is bursting with enhancements to help you operationalize AI and realize even more business benefits. The new levels of intelligence it applies to data – along with the dashboard and reporting improvements it delivers – mean it’s easier than ever for you to visualize past and current trends, as well as project possible future developments. With this release, data scientists, analysts and subject matter experts each get their preferred interfaces that are connected to speed collaboration and teamwork for faster results. In other words, it’s a powerful tool for getting insights that would have been time-consuming and difficult to produce before.

Smarter about both structured and unstructured data

Approximately 80% of data is stored in unstructured formats, where teasing out important details is much harder than it is with, say, Excel spreadsheets. EP7 harnesses the latest Magellan updates to intelligently crawl through enterprise content and mine text to identify the data you need. And it features new application programming interfaces designed to work with our OT2 EIM-as-a-service platform, so it supports automated classification models and training for even more advanced data smarts. What’s more, because it’s application-agnostic, EP7 supports data insights across the organization, no matter what systems or software you use.

Improved management of PII

Our latest AI & Analytics release also comes with new out-of-the box, intelligent capabilities for identifying and managing access to personally identifiable information (PII).

With regulations like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA setting strict new requirements for such information, it’s vital that organizations understand what kinds of privacy data they’re holding and how that data is managed. With EP7, Magellan’s AI-powered text mining can quickly and automatically detect and classify a wide range of sensitive personal information. It enables fine-grained control over who can and can’t access such information too.

Visually compelling dashboards and reports

Among the other changes AI & Analytics users will notice are the enhancements to visualization and usability. With new options and interfaces for transforming data in visually compelling ways, EP7 makes it easy to create reports, time series charts, tree maps, Venn diagrams, word clouds, geographic maps, heatmaps and more.

This allows new opportunities to put data to good use – whether it’s law enforcement trying to focus on local crime hotspots or marketing teams looking to better understand where various prospects are in the sales funnel.

New features for interactivity also let users save the filters they’ve applied while sorting data, so they can easily recall and reuse that particular dashboard at a later time.

These and other updates provide EP7 users with a much more flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly interface for data insights. Couple that with all the new microservices made possible by our unified OT2 platform, and what’s the result? Business that’s smarter, faster, more compliant and lower-risk, thanks to having exactly the right information instantly at your fingertips.

Learn more

To learn more about OpenText AI & Analytics EP7, visit our release page.

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