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Agility delivers the world’s goods using greener routes

Global shipping company streamlines operations and reduces emissions with OpenText

For leading logistic company Agility, having access to their data through an integrated information platform can provide the insights needed to streamline operations and reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

For decades, Agility ran operations as had been done for centuries: rife with paper trails. Even as email and fax sped delivery, lack of an integrated management platform hindered movement.

Close to the turn of the millennium, Agility implemented solutions for document capture, management and archiving from OpenText™, changing the way they do business. Eliminating paper delays and ensuring immediate digital access and processing has not only driven increased customer satisfaction and cost savings, but has also enabled Agility to help its clients make greener decisions. By combining data points from origin to destination – and any planes, trucks or ships in between – Agility can calculate exactly how much CO2 is emitted for a client’s shipment.

This knowledge – gained, stored and accessed through OpenText – informs future route selection for reducing carbon emissions.

“As long as an organization is able to track everything from beginning to the end then they have much better control over how they can contribute back to improving sustainability,” said Deepak Sharma, global IT director for Business Solutions & Support at Agility.

Agility views OpenText as a partner in connecting for good, both in the materials it ships and how it ships them, contributing back to the sea, air and land in a positive way.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Agility about their OpenText experience. Learn more about Agility’s digital transformation here and watch the videos below.

Meaghan Campbell

Meaghan Campbell is a Customer Marketing and Reference Manager based in Waterloo, ON. Meaghan is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. She also manages the reference activities for the Enterprise Content Management product suite, giving customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations with OpenText technology.

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