What’s new with OpenText TrustedLink for i?

Last year, the IBM i series turned 30 and although its worldwide community of customers is going strong, experts suggested that companies would look to…

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December 16, 20193 minute read

Last year, the IBM i series turned 30 and although its worldwide community of customers is going strong, experts suggested that companies would look to improve their integration in 2019. For nearly three decades, OpenText™ TrustedLink™ has been the leading data transformation solution for the i community, converting organizations’ internal application data formats to and from the data formats that trading partners require. The newly launched TrustedLink for i v16.7 brings significant benefits in usability, performance and interoperability.

TrustedLink for i ensures that organizations can quickly and efficiently exchange key business documents with trading partners. Close integration with OpenText™ Trading Grid™ and OpenText™ BizManager means you can communicate seamlessly and securely across multiple environments with smooth data translation between your key business applications and operating systems and those of your trading partners.

TrustedLink for i is a key tool for trading partner enablement. It facilitates effective document translation even in the most complex of data mapping environments. This means that new partners can be quickly on-boarded, regardless of the size of the partner or partner community. Advanced data mapping technology ensures fast transaction processing to speed and streamline business.

What’s new in Trusted Link for i v16.7? 

Enhanced support for SAP ALE

For customers already integrating with SAP or in the process of moving to SAP, the latest version has extended SAP integrations for ALE support through BizManager. You now have SAP integration options that move beyond the FTP and RFC support to integrate through a modern interface for ALE support. In addition, there are real-time transaction and status messaging to improve performance and usability.

Improved SAP Process Logging

We’ve improved the logging and reporting functionality for SAP integration with the new SAP Process Logging. You now have increased visibility within iDocs as the TLi automatically captures errors and other important information such as more message types and detail. This capability makes it much easier to identify issues within iDocs documents and also delivers a new level of visibility while onboarding new trading partners.

Field Usage Reports

This feature allows you to identify how a specific field is referenced by TrustedLink UFDs. It enables you to see exactly what purpose the field is being used for and the new report’s output can be made to spool, email or both. In addition, we’ve added new commands and APIs that increase the flexibility you have when connecting and creating usage reports.

Internal conversion table improvements

Internal conversion tables combining information such as element ids, qualifiers, partner internal ids- are typically used for code conversions during data translations. This upgrade to TrustedLink makes updating and maintaining these tables much easier and provides a good deal more information on areas such user entries and field attributes. New commands and APIs give more options for you to add internal conversion tables in your code conversions or put the tables into reports or help files.

Orphan data visibility

To enhance usability, you now have much greater control and visibility into orphan data. You can quickly and easily see the status of all orphan data in the systems and accurately see the outcome of purge activities. Taking control of your orphan data helps improve some of your data management tasks removing some of the frustrating about how orphan data can proliferate.

What’s next?

TrustedLink for i 16.7 is now available! If you’re an existing TrustedLink for i customer, you can download the upgrade and all documentation by visiting the customer portal.

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