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More options to achieve efficient and cost-effective results in all scenarios

In a world that has changed dramatically in a short period of time — and in which ever-increasing data volumes are juxtaposed against shrinking budgets and timelines — it is more important than ever that eDiscovery technology be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the needs and requirements of each unique situation. Proportionality is paramount and must be measured in each particular context. Because every minute and every dollar count, eDiscovery technology must be as agile as the legal teams who use it.

OpenText™ Insight customers have come to trust and rely on the effectiveness and efficiency delivered by OpenText™ Insight Predict technology-assisted review based on the continuous active learning protocol (TAR 2.0). The Insight Predict powerful TAR engine substantially reduces the time and cost of eDiscovery review (by as much as 80%) and speeds time to action. From large volume cases requiring fulsome relevance and privilege review prior to production, to quality control review focused on revealing anomalies and preventing inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or confidential information, Insight Predict offers unparalleled performance and results.

But Insight customers have told us that there are times when a full-blown TAR 2.0 workflow is simply not required for the task at hand. Situations such as Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Requests, or third-party subpoenas where budgets, timelines and expectations mean that a full TAR 2.0 review is unwarranted or unrealistic. Sometimes legal teams just need to get the documents out the door in the most expedient but defensible way possible. In response to the needs of legal teams in these situations, OpenText Insight is delighted to announce the release of OpenText™ Insight Cut Point Review, a Simple Active Learning protocol (TAR 1.0).

Rapidly locate relevant documents for production when comprehensive eyes-on review is not necessary

The introduction of Insight Cut Point Review, a module within the OpenText™ Insight eDiscovery platform, offers legal teams a proportionate, defensible and highly intuitive solution designed specifically to address situations where eyes-on review of relevant ESI being produced is not required, thus making a full-blown TAR 2.0 workflow unnecessary. Cut Point Review leverages the same full featured machine-learning engine as Insight Predict, optimized for a TAR 1.0 workflow, to assist teams to quickly determine where to draw the line between relevant and non-relevant documents.

With Cut Point Review, users can actively gauge progress of the technology-assisted review process and direct the review based on combined recall and precision statistics. Cut Point Review provides a simple, step-by-step dashboard view offering constant visual monitoring of the progress. With Cut Point Review’s easy to understand dashboard, users can accurately and defensibly determine when to “cut off” the review based on their objectives and the circumstances – minimizing costs and speeding time to production to meet even the tightest timelines.

Cut Point Review set-up phase
Cut Point Review training phase
Cut Point review automated validation phase

To learn more about Cut Point Review Simple Active Learning protocol (TAR 1.0), contact a member of the Legal Tech team.

For more information about choosing the right TAR protocol for all circumstances read the white paper.

Wendy Cole

Wendy is a long-time legal technology and eDiscovery enthusiast. Having participated in many facets of the legal and legal technology industries, her broad range of experience spans from being on the front-line of eDiscovery projects as a civil litigator and eDiscovery counsel, to managing and marketing legal technology software and services for global organizations.

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