What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 21.4

With the release of OpenText™ Documentum™ CE 21.4, we’ve made improvements across the platform to enhance the user experience, improve system health, increase performance and collaboration,…

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November 24, 20216 minute read

With the release of OpenText™ Documentum™ CE 21.4, we’ve made improvements across the platform to enhance the user experience, improve system health, increase performance and collaboration, and provide enhanced security to make moving to the cloud an easy choice. Here’s an overview of what’s new in this release.

OpenText Documentum Platform

Design and manage workflows

The new web-based Workflow Designer provided with the Documentum Platform can be used for designing and managing D2 workflows. Current Documentum customers can migrate their workflows from Workflow Manager using the migration utility.

Securely control keys

More than ever, organizations face threats from bad actors attempting to access sensitive content. Now, with customer master encryption key management in this release, customers maintain secure control of all keys used to protect Documentum systems, content and secrets, even when hosted in third-party clouds. The master key envelopes the Application Encryption Key (AEK) that sits at the top of the Documentum encryption hierarchy. Pluggable integration to Cloud Key Management Services (KMS) and Cloud Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provides remote encryption key management. By restricting access by user and role, this feature delivers extra protection and assurance that bad actors can’t get to sensitive content.

OpenText Documentum Connectors

Access current information

Documentum’s new integration with Salesforce® helps accelerate sales cycles by sharing content stored in Documentum directly from the Salesforce user interface. Users avoid miscommunication and improve the customer experience by always leveraging the most current Salesforce information. Organizations can rest assured their content will not be misused, since the content carries with it the enterprise security and compliance standards built into Documentum.

Work with content in context

Extended integration with Microsoft® 365 lets users work with Documentum content in context from within Microsoft 365 apps, including Excel and PowerPoint, reducing the need to move between applications.

Users can seamlessly checkout Documentum content from within Microsoft SharePoint Connector apps in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, Documentum D2 or xCP. This simplifies and streamlines editing and delivers a more complete collaboration experience.

Collaboration Services for Teams has also been enhanced with collaboration features, including the ability to create a Teams site using content stored and governed in Documentum, and to check files back in to Documentum upon completion of the activity in Teams. This ensures documents are returned to the secure system of record where the required review and approval processes is completed automatically.

OpenText Documentum D2

This release includes features in Documentum D2 that enhance Smart View to work intuitively across more use cases.

Simplify access to lifecycle management

Smart View users can now apply lifecycle changes to a document in Smart View based on their user privileges.  Business rules are consistently and automatically applied to documents as they progress through the various states of the document’s ‘life.’

View office documents

By leveraging the familiar viewing experience through the D2 viewer, OpenText™ Intelligent Viewer offers a cloud-first viewing technology with simplified deployment and operation for cloud, off-cloud and cloud native deployments. This delivers high-fidelity viewing across browsers for many office document formats including images and CAD, not just PDF renditions, and images like those created in the BravaCSR viewer.

Update en masse

Merger and acquisition activity and drug-status changes for Life Sciences companies are examples of use cases that often require mass updates to be made to documents, folders and virtual documents. To ensure these changes are made consistently and quickly, Documentum D2 updates properties on multiple objects in one action. This includes replacing attributes based on conditions of other fields.

Be cloud- and enterprise-ready

Documentum D2 includes enhanced cloud support to for administrators and improved user productivity. Some of the new cloud- and enterprise-readiness features include:

  • D2 installer support for iJMS deployments that improves D2 application performance
  • In-line login capabilities using iURL, which allows for administrator login without OTDS/SSP
  • Support for init container, versus the hook approach, for webapp customization that helps optimize resources
  • Integration of Documentum Reports with D2 Master HELM charts for easy deployment
  • Support for language packs that allow for customer-preferred languages to be used
  • OpenShift and Oracle Linux support
  • Operational IT management of Documentum container deployments
  • Kubernetes-based container support

Do more when mobile

Documentum D2’s new mobile capabilities include:

  • QR code scanning
  • Relations management, for creating and viewing relations
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Viewing and working on checked-out documents via tile landing pages and the hamburger menu of the mobile device
  • e-Signature support in key areas such as task processing, lifecycle, versioning, properties and non-credential IDP
  • Added security and compliance with e-Sign during task processing, lifecycle management and versioning or editing properties
  • Working/supporting files and task notes added directly by clicking on the add button in the app header

OpenText Documentum xCP Case Management

Easily create an attractive dashboard

Documentum’s xCP Case Management Framework assists in building Smart Applications. When designing and implementing a mortgage application process, for example, the new tiles and dashboard layout improve interaction and usability, provide better access to data and increase productivity with a modern interface and organized workspace. 

Developers can easily create dashboards with the xCP Tile Layout Widget. Tiles provide interactive links to Data Services or any URL and can also link to common applicationfunctionality to create a dashboard menu that enhances the user experience. 

In addition to updates to the Documentum portfolio, OpenText continues to enhance products built on the Documentum platform, including OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum for SAP® Solutions, OpenText™ Documentum for Life Sciences solutions, and OpenText™ Documentum solutions for the Energy & Engineering industries.

Experience the enhancements

Watch the on-demand presentations from OpenText World to learn more about enhancements across the Documentum family. View the entire OpenText World agenda here, and don’t miss session CTS207 that details what’s new and what’s next for OpenText Documentum.

Time to upgrade? In addition to the powerful new capabilities in 21.4, here are 10 more reasons to upgrade. Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Let our experts work with you to assess your current environment and make recommendations for a successful upgrade to your cloud of choice.

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