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What’s new in CE 21.1 for OpenText Internet of Things Platform

Introducing the Asset Management Solution Accelerator

According to Gartner research, “IoT deployments require the ability to process data where and when it is valuable. This may be on the asset, such as a compressor, or it may be in the cloud, where asset data is aggregated with other contextual data to drive decisions”.1 With CE 21.1 for the OpenText™ Internet of Things Platform, asset intensive industries (e.g.  manufacturing, energy, or utilities) can view asset data pertaining to location, performance, or environmental conditions through the Asset Management Solution Accelerator.

Plant Asset managers need the ability to track and monitor asset location and conditions so that they can identify, notify, and be aware of asset device exceptions to ensure successful, on-time and complete asset visibility and intelligence. This solution accelerator enables an asset manager to associate a device, like a location, vibration, heat or any other environmental sensor to an asset and visualize the location and condition of onboarded assets.

Additionally, as part of the OpenText Internet of Things Platform and its identity-centric approach, access to the data, dashboards, and all information is assigned via role-based access. Configurable role-based access delivers a service that provides users with contextual access to data and IoT messaging views based on defined user roles. This ensures the data from an IoT deployment is delivered to the caring and the qualified and establishes a zero-trust environment where clear visibility to IoT data governance can be realized.

The benefits of CE 21.1 for the OpenText Internet of Things Platform: The Asset Management Solution Accelerator

With the asset management solution accelerator:

  • Asset managers will be able to bind IoT location and condition data to asset inventory data delivering real time physical visibility to assets. 
  • Configurable, role-based access enables clear data governance from the solution that is germane to the role assigned.

Learn more about the OpenText IoT Platform through a Developer trial

As part of, think of this trial as a “developer’s sandbox” that enables organizations to learn more about the OpenText IoT Platform at no cost, build IoT solutions to create, test, and validate business use cases, and team up with OpenText IoT experts to realize your vision for IoT within your organization.

  1. Gartner, “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Internet of Things”, Published 15 December 2020 – ID G00733494 

Bob Slevin

Bob Slevin is the Director of Product Marketing for IoT at OpenText. Bob is an Internet of Things (IoT) architect and evangelist with more than 25 years’ experience in telecommunications spanning Military and Private sectors. He has collaborated with partners to deploy millions of connected devices across business and consumer markets. An IoT thought leader with an MBA in Technology Management, Bob is focused on identifying business challenges and building innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and mitigate risks.

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