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Meet Ice, a trusted partner for your AI journey. Ice is our AI-generated yeti who can guide you through complex data terrains to better leverage…

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August 16, 20235 minutes read

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Meet Ice, a trusted partner for your AI journey. Ice is our AI-generated yeti who can guide you through complex data terrains to better leverage AI. Let Ice help you navigate what’s best for your business so you can find the right AI model for the job.

You: What is opentext.ai?   
Ice: It’s the OpenText vision and strategy for AI.
You: Why do I care about opentext.ai?
Ice: It’s an approach to AI that can help your business.
You: What’s different about opentext.ai?
Ice: There are three important philosophies that make opentext.ai different: (1) Run AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on top of your private, secured data. (2) Take a poly model approach — seek flexibility, choose the best model for the job at hand and don’t be tied to a single model. (3) Pay attention to the learning data that is generated through AI and put it to use over time.

The next generation of innovation will be driven by AI and built on information management.  Expectations for what AI can do are high — from creating new revenue channels to improving time to market and facilitating product innovations, AI promises to change the face of business as we know it today.

As this new era is ushered in at organizations around the world, business and IT leaders are focused on how to best integrate AI into their plans. According to Gartner, this integration will happen slowly, through upgrades to software that already has a spot in IT budgets. And while most organizations won’t have AI tools in production this year, they must make sure they have a strategy for getting there, says Gartner.

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Make the AI pivot

In support of that reality, OpenText is announcing our vision and direction for AI, opentext.ai. This strategic approach will help customers solve complex problems faster and simpler by using AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) integrated into our information management software.

The opentext.ai approach will help customers make the AI pivot by bringing together predictive AI-led analytics, AI-powered conversational search, and generative AI. Organizations will be able to create new types of customer engagement, build smarter products, improve internal operations, and make better decisions.

Some examples of planned use cases:

  • Customer service and business support: Automate level 1 support with conversational assistants that use LLM-based search capabilities to find and retrieve all types of data (e.g., contracts, tickets, usage), reducing time to resolution and increasing both customer and agent satisfaction.
  • Marketing: Communicate at scale with personalized, autogenerated content using private data, LLM-based search to retrieve related content and images, and generative AI to bring together insights with content-generation capabilities.  
  • R&D: Develop software applications with speed by applying LLM to gain predictive insights, using conversational search to drill down into problem areas within the DevOps lifecycle, and effectively manage quality by autogenerating next-needed test cases.
  • Supply chain: Empower employees to anticipate risk and compliance requirements, easily locate vendor contracts with LLM search, and apply generative AI to manage electronic connections more efficiently across vendors and partners.   

OpenText Aviator

You: What is OpenText Aviator?  
Ice: It’s the OpenText family of AI products and services that are part of our business clouds.
You: Why do I care about OpenText Aviator?
Ice: It can solve your practical automation challenges.
You: When can I get OpenText Aviator?
Ice: You can get on our waitlist now for the beta program and releases will start in the fall with CE 23.4.

As part of our opentext.ai vision, we will provide AI building blocks to help customers get the most value out of their data, securely, in both private and public clouds. This set of capabilities, called OpenText Aviator,™ is a family of practical and trusted generative AI capabilities within our information management Cloud Editions for content, experience, business network, IT operations, developer operations, and cybersecurity.  The first OpenText Aviator capabilities will be available to customers with Cloud Editions 23.4, due out in October.  We invite customers to explore our design blueprints, as we will now be incorporating more AI features into our release cycles every 90 days.

Foundational Analytics & AI

OpenText has long delivered AI-led automation to help customers effectively manage information and complex data from all events. With the acquisition of Micro Focus, OpenText expanded its mission to include new AI capabilities with Vertica and IDOL, including geospatial and time-series analytics, in-database machine learning, unstructured data analytics, and sentiment analysis. Data and automation is the key to AI.  Without organized, connected, secure, and protected large data sets, companies will not be able to leverage machine learning and LLMs to realize the power of AI.  Learn more about foundational tools you might need for better data governance, automation, and management. 

A trusted partner for your AI journey

For OpenText private cloud customers, we have a new Professional Services offering to help set up a private LLM, using out-of-the-box Aviator features or customers’ own private cloud environment for their information. OpenText can help customers advance using the data layers they operate in, matching those up with the right models, engineering the right way to extract that data, and then operationalizing the entire process. OpenText Private Cloud Aviator will empower organizations to experiment with AI and LLMs, all while their data is protected.

Get started on your AI journey today. And join us at OpenText World Las Vegas, where you’ll be able to explore hands-on labs, hear insightful keynotes and panel discussions, and learn more about OpenText’s latest AI-driven innovations. 

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