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Versant: Decoding the OpenVerse™

What makes OpenText, OpenText

“If you wish to build a ship, do not divide people into teams and send them to the forest to cut wood. Instead, teach them to long for the vast and endless sea.”

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I am very pleased to present my new book, Versant: Decoding the OpenVerse™.

Versant is about who we are. It is about our course into the cloud and the role of information, and our view on amazing talent that is at the heart of the company. I try to capture what it takes to be an OpenTexter and what it means to have the true OpenText character. Who thrives at OpenText? I explore what we look for in our employees and our leaders, and why talented, passionate people are joining us.

We are innovators, and I speak about our foundational cloud products and our view on the future: OpenVerse™, Trust, Quantum and other disruptive technologies.

We don’t just build technology. Our software ensures daily life continues uninterrupted for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Without us, trucks can’t fill warehouses, businesses can’t sell products and people can’t get the food they need. Health care systems rely on us to help them save lives. Consumer packaged goods flow through us to arrive on shelves in stores and in homes. We power humanitarian organizations, critical government systems, scientific breakthroughs.

What we do matters, and Versant helps tell our story.

The OpenText Way
The OpenText Way

To explore the OpenText culture and learn how we are building the future, download Versant: Decoding the OpenVerse™ now.

Mark Barrenechea

Mark J. Barrenechea is OpenText's CEO & CTO. A prominent thought leader, he has extensive experience in information technology and his vision is to enable the digital world to help transform organizations.

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