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Our vision is to enable the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and inspire a new way to work inside the enterprise. Our focus is on empowering…

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September 26, 20184 minute read

Our vision is to enable the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and inspire a new way to work inside the enterprise. Our focus is on empowering the world’s largest businesses to unlock the potential of their information, while protecting its value. The latest release of OpenText EIM, Release 16, integrates secure and intelligent content services, business processes, the business network, information lifecycle management, artificial intelligence (AI) and our new IoT and security offerings.

Release 16 is the platform for innovation. It is also our blueprint for the future. To date, we have been releasing enhancement packs based on an innovative set of integrations. Enhancement Pack (EP) 4 was introduced in April and our next release, EP5, will happen in November. The Release 16 EP Series is slated to run through to the spring of 2020.

OpenText Release 16 – A Blueprint for the Future

A priority with Release 16 is the ability to bring machine-generated content into a professionally managed environment. Since we are in the gateway business, our new IoT product supports an enormous number of gateways and connectors. Information from any machine is supported, whether it is a smart machine, industrial machinery or an automotive or medical device.

On the commerce side, connectors introduce information from industrial equipment into EIM. Information from smart cities or smart factories can be fed into an EIM system. OpenText has formed a partnership to produce an IoT platform for automobiles. If one of its 15 million subscribers has car troubles, the solution will automatically send an alert over the network, call the driver’s home and dial 911. This is just one example of how machine data and machine content can be brought into an EIM system.

Governance is achieved through Discovery and Information Lifecycle Management. Discovery is a critical component of EIM. It reduces the time of discovery of information, litigation costs and the time of trial. As a part of the OpenText Discovery Suite, our endpoint solution integrates into existing IT infrastructures and operating centers to help organizations protect data, comply with regulations, perform discovery when required and speed time from detection to resolution and learning.

OpenText Discovery for Speed to Resolution

In a recent case of discovery, for example, we helped a global organization search across its networks, email systems, laptops and desktop systems to narrow results. We were able to reduce information from all these systems to 48 million documents. We then applied AI algorithms to further reduce this number to approximately 13 million documents. Human operations reviewed close to 645 documents. Using automated policies and machine learning, we were able to get this total down to 141,000 pages, and then to 142 pages. From millions of documents to hundreds, fully automated with little-to-no room for human error. In the process, AI could be applied to fine tune results.

AI will play an increasingly significant role in our EIM solutions. We need less data and more insight. AI and analytics will deliver this for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise.

OpenText Magellan, our flexible AI and analytics platform, combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade Business Intelligence (BI) and the capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze enterprise information.

Security is Job 1 for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Release 16 is a multifaceted platform that offers multi-level security, on-premises or in the OpenText Enterprise Cloud.

Release 16 secures content “in motion” (or in use) by offering capabilities such as secure information exchange and communications (such as fax and EDI). Securing content at rest starts with identifying where sensitive information resides (its endpoints) across an organization, as well as along the supply chain, the IoT or in the business ecosystem. Once sensitive content is discovered, it can be defended using core capabilities that include access controls like Identity Access Management (IAM), security classifications, records management and archive encryption.

The developer is critical to the development of secure-from-day-1 applications. The OpenText EIM platform expands its low-code development capabilities with additional out-of-the-box integrations designed to support the developer with a unified application development environment.

It is a hybrid world. Release 16 and the EP series together, along with OT2, OpenText Prime and OpenText Protect, complete the customer need for secure access to content in the private cloud, the public SaaS cloud or as a managed service. Based on its hybrid platform, Release 16 will deliver the most comprehensive EIM suite on the market. It will support hybrid workloads and deliver content applications and robust security designed for the digital age on a fully integrated platform.

Read more about our latest cloud developments in the next blog in this series, “The OpenText Enterprise Cloud.”


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Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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