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It’s an understatement to say that the world is living through a time of uncertainty. COVID-19 has forced us into a new normal that feels…

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April 8, 20202 minute read

It’s an understatement to say that the world is living through a time of uncertainty. COVID-19 has forced us into a new normal that feels anything but familiar. We are coping, learning to go without, and making the best of what we have.

But there are some essentials that, even with all that we are adapting to today, we can’t imagine living without. The lights must go on when we flip the switch. Our phones and computers must connect to communications networks. The nationwide fleet of trucks delivering food to our stores must have fuel. Living without these essentials is inconceivable.

And so, while headlines focus on the health of our populations and economies, energy companies are heads down, making sure these essentials continue to be available. In many cases, the engineers that keep our lights on still have to travel to the power plant, and the technicians who make vital repairs to infrastructure still need to venture into the field, which can put themselves in danger.

Minimizing the amount of time these engineers must spend in the office and maximizing the efficiency of technicians performing required maintenance is crucial to supporting these essential workers. And that’s where technology can help.

For example, combining an enterprise content management (ECM) system that contains all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and drawings required by an engineer, with the capability to securely deliver that content on a mobile device to the field makes workers more efficient and reduces potential exposure. Workers can still be sure they’re getting up-to-date information they need to do their jobs and keep vital services online. A large U.S. utility company is doing exactly this to ensure its workers always have the relevant information on hand without having to go back to the office to print and collect paper documents.

The energy and utility companies worldwide are constantly dealing with change and challenges, and need to be resilient organizations to ensure the continuity of supply. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

If you currently use OpenText™ to manage your critical operations content, see how you may already be able to provide your users with a mobile experience.

You can read OpenText’s commitment to customers and partners during COVID-19 here. To learn more about OpenText services to Industry, visit our website.

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Martin Richards is a Senior Director for Industry Solutions at OpenText. For over twenty years, he has worked with ECM technology, running professional services and driving solutions across multiple industries.

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