Reimagining Cyber podcast: 100 episodes strong

Reimaging Cyber is 100 episodes old! To celebrate how far we have come, let’s take a look back at where it all started and how…

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June 5, 20243 minute read

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Reimaging Cyber is 100 episodes old! To celebrate how far we have come, let’s take a look back at where it all started and how far we have come.

The Reimaging Cyber podcast first launched in December 2020, with hosts Stan Wisseman and Rob Aragao interviewing a variety of guests about their unique perspectives and insights on different topics of cybersecurity. Originally, episodes were published in a biweekly format, but has since transitioned to a weekly release. Now in June 2024, the podcast is a regular in the Apple charts and is a respected and high-profile voice in the cybersecurity world.

The first episode, opens by introducing the idea of what Reimaging Cyber is. “We share short and to the point perspectives on the cyber landscape. It’s all about engaging, yet casual conversations on what organizations are doing to reimagine their cyber programs while ensuring their business objectives are top priority.” Originally, Stan and Rob were focused on interviewing a variety of guests, but starting with episode 44, they began contributing their own expertise and experiences in cybersecurity as well. As Stan explained, “Listener feedback inspired us to introduce episodes that feature just Rob and me, in addition to our regular guest interviews. These more conversational formats allow us to explore topics in greater depth.”

Since the beginning of Reimaging Cyber, episodes have covered a wide array of topics for a variety of audiences. Stan and Rob have covered topics that are of high interest to a consumer audience, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, dating app scams, ChatGPT and AI, password security, and how to protect your elderly relatives. In other episodes, they have addressed more business topics, like how to handle a cyber crisis, what the role of a CISO is, the trends in the cybersecurity industry, what a threat hunter actually does, and how to plan your cybersecurity budget.

When reflecting on episodes that have stood out to him, Stan brought up episode 93 “Secure the Vote: Inside Election Defenses” with Dr. Ben Adida, co-founder and executive director of VotingWorks. “One episode that stands out to me is the recent episode with Ben, focusing on the security of voting systems. With widespread concerns about the integrity of our voting systems, Ben’s detailed discussion of the safeguards in place for both the voting process and the systems themselves was particularly timely. I’m hopeful that this episode will help rebuild some of the trust in our electoral system. It’s an episode that I’ve enthusiastically shared with friends and family to enhance their understanding of voting system security.”

If you are newer to cybersecurity, this podcast is a great way to become familiar with what is going on. According to Stan Wisseman, “Through our podcast, we’ve not only created a platform for sharing expert insights but have also built a comprehensive repository of knowledge and strategies to assist listeners in navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.”

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the guests who have appeared on the podcast over the last 100 episodes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with our audience. Additionally, we would like to thank our listeners for supporting us over the last 100 episodes. We could not do this without you downloading and listening to Reimaging Cyber, sharing it with your friends, and leaving us feedback.

If you would like to listen to Reimagining Cyber, you can find it on Buzzsprout, Apple, Spotify or Amazon Music. If you have enjoyed what you hear, leave us a review!

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