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Organizations everywhere are amassing data at an unprecedented rate. And 90% of all the data that is created (according to Forbes) is unstructured information. Your…

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May 28, 20215 minutes read

Organizations everywhere are amassing data at an unprecedented rate. And 90% of all the data that is created (according to Forbes) is unstructured information. Your company’s data is the key to success in the digital era, but do you have the technologies and processes to turn raw data into valuable insights?

We believe that companies that plan to transform into intelligent enterprises need to have a strong information management strategy first.

Seven ways information management helps businesses overcome the challenges of our times

1. Create customer loyalty

Companies are fighting to keep and win customers as the economy recovers from global disruption. Existing loyalty schemes have been broken, and customers are up for grabs.

2. Enable new ways of working

The new digital work reality is here to stay. Employees will continue to want – and need – to work from anywhere. To succeed, digital business needs to be better integrated with the digital workplace.

3. Win the “war for talent”

You need to attract and retain top talent as well and keep employees engaged. At the same time, you’re working through a generational shift with a new workforce that expects top HR experiences.

4. Create agile business processes

Adapt to whatever comes next and turn on a dime. Gain the agility to scale processes up and down quickly as needed

5. Enable business efficiency

Use intelligent automation to scale processes without throwing more resources at those processes. Automated efficiencies also provide the ability to focus capital and resources to winning the war for customers, talent, and supply.

6. Overcome supply chain disruption

Quickly adjust supply chains to address shortages or disruptions in an agile way to avoid customer impacts.

7. Improve merger and acquisition activities

Companies and markets recover at different pace. The faster and stronger will use this opportunity to reposition themselves strategically. Integration, quick value realization, and great experiences for customers, employees, and partners are all key to successful acquisitions.

You can’t complete a digital transformation without digital information

Your business cannot overcome these challenges by changing or digitalizing just one business process. Rather, the process of digitalization requires that you rethink large parts of the business. (You could also think of each of these as a “megaprocess” in an organization.) SAP and OpenText™ provide the technologies, solutions, and services to support information management and help you build your intelligent enterprise to be ready. Solutions and services from SAP and OpenText can help your business achieve greater productivity, collaboration, and transformation.


Whether you’re looking at a greenfield deployment of SAP S/4HANA Cloud or migrating an existing system to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, OpenText solutions can help you become more productive with the basic foundation of digitalizing and managing information. Intelligent automation helps reduce cycle times, and it improves the productivity and accuracy of order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes that are at the center of virtually any ERP system. Better information management enabled by SAP and OpenText solutions help optimize cash flow and improve customer and supplier experiences.


One of the most visible changes throughout the last 15 months has been the high adoption of solutions that help people collaborate, no matter where they work. However, for many organizations, collaboration is still stuck in silos and information in collaboration solutions becomes convoluted, provides less value, and creates big risks. With OpenText solutions, you can bridge the gap between Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and your SAP solutions to create a single source of information truth.


OpenText bring information to the center of every business process. Because every process either starts with content, consumes content, or generates content, the company’s solutions can support transformation by complementing the RISE with SAP package. OpenText can support your business through all three stages of digital transformation.

In the prepare phase, you get a clean start, shrink landscape costs, and jump-start migration. Then, in the extend phase, you will speed up go-live and automate and standardize content processes. Finally, in the innovate phase, you can respond to new requirements and shorten innovation cycles.

OpenText solutions are a valuable option if you hope to transform your HR departments with SAP SuccessFactors solutions. The solutions can help you hire better, develop and retain engaged employees, and support a dynamic workforce and HR processes. Reinvent digital HR to focus on strategic HR goals in a remote reality.

Intelligent information matters for every organization. If you don’t have an information management strategy for your SAP solution landscape, you’re not going to get the full value of your SAP solution investment.

To learn more about creating an effective information management strategy, you can book a meeting with OpenText during the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW conference.

Then, at the event, you can join one of our customer breakout sessions or attend one of our upcoming sessions: IND207, SCM204, HR604, HR605, MID602, FIN607, FIN212 and HR600.

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