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Past, present and future in a digital transformation journey

OpenText Smart Migration

A digital transformation is the adoption of new business processes and practices to help an organization compete effectively in a modern and increasingly digital world. The objective is often tied to cost leadership, increased competitiveness or simply moving into a niche. According to Gartner, a digital transformation includes information technology modernization, adoption of cloud computing, digital optimization, or even the invention of new digital business models. Forrester adds that a digital transformation is also the journey of moving to a digital-first business model. A journey that will undoubtedly benefit from an OpenText™ Smart Migration.

This journey of transformation moves an organization from a past to a future state, while maintaining the operations of today. For example, a business unit adopting a modern content management solution to properly govern the lifecycle of records in an integrated manner with its leading applications (for example OpenText™ Extended ECM with SAP) must consider its legacy information and how it brings this data into the future solution.

AI-driven digital transformation solutions

Let’s consider the past, present and future states:

PAST – A digital transformation will impact technology, people and, not the least, data. In most cases, a migration will be required to bring that data from the past, into the systems of the future. In many cases, it’s inconceivable to simply “dump” legacy data into a new modern system. Learn more how OpenText Smart Migration uses intelligence and automation to align content to a strategy post-migration and reduce ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial information) along the way.

PRESENT – APQC researchers suggest that each business user has up to 8.2-hours of unproductive time per week. Time spent looking for information, knowledgeable people, recreating work or providing duplicate information. Magellan Search+ helps users uncover the information that they need through a powerful cognitive search capability to solve their operational needs. (Learn more in our blog, Boost productivity with Magellan Search+.)

FUTURE – Once arrived at the future steady state, it is imperative to maintain all information aligned with the organization’s content strategy in a comprehensive and systematic way. In other words, keep it clean! OpenText Content Enrichment continuously infers the required metadata, including records management classification, to automate the classification of content produced thereafter by the business users.

Magellan Smart Migration

OpenText’s AI-driven Smart Migration solution allows organizations to retrieve, analyze, structure, visualize, and move content from any repository to a modern target data repository such as Content Server, Documentum or eDocs.  OpenText Magellan Text Mining combines data mining, semantic, and business intelligence technologies to guarantee a successful content migration.

A Smart Migration solution:

  • Takes advantage of text mining to enable deleting ROT and classifying content, to provide a migration that only moves the valuable content that should be kept.
  • Indexes and tags content from legacy file repositories, leveraging machine learning and analytics to help discover, understand and migrate an organization’s content.
  • Provides automatic classification, which is consistent and reliable, relieving a traditionally manual effort while also avoiding typical human errors.
  • Provides surfaced metadata for improved reporting of source repository data, the ability to migrate only what is needed, information governance in the target repository and automation of data-driven processes.
OpenText presents an AI-driven migration to unlock the value in content to drive better migrations.

Take the next step on your digital transformation journey by planning a Smart Migration of your past content with OpenText and talk to our team today.

Marc St-Pierre

Marc is VP of Consulting Services for the Security + Artificial Intelligence + Linguistics & Translation practice. For more than 15 years, Marc has led services groups specialized in advanced and emerging technologies. He has lectured on semantic technologies and lead solution development such as Ai-Augmented Voice of the Customer and Magellan Search+.

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